Sunday, June 13

The opposition criticizes the “cocky” attitude of Bascuñana and reiterates that he must resign

PSOE and Let’s change They agreed to describe the attitude of the Oriolano alderman as “chulesca”. The socialist spokesperson and provincial deputy Carolina Gracia said that Emilio Bascuñana’s behavior is “childish and cocky” and criticized that “he has delayed everything that his passage through the courts has been able to do, only concerned about the photos that could be taken of him, since it is clear that offering explanations or justification of the accusations that relate to his time at the Territorial Directorate does not interest him ». For his part, the spokesman for Cambiemos Carlos Bernabé denounced “the cocky, arrogant and disrespectful attitude that Bascuñana has given to the citizens, the opposition and the media that reported or demanded explanations.”

The explanations given by the councilor before the judge blaming the Administration that there is no trace of his work in Health, as this newspaper published yesterday, have only given wings to the opposition to reiterate that Bascuñana, who attended his appointment judicial next to the ediless Rafael Almagro and Sabina GalindoYou should not continue to lead the Mayor’s Office. “It is really worrying that a person who is not able to clarify, since this news was known, what his position and functions were, accuse the administration of being persecuted,” said Gracia. The socialist spokeswoman added that “if Bascuñana had resigned when he should have, he would not have to be talking about separating his cause from the name of Orihuela and the institution he presides over; his ego and lack of responsibility have no limits, “he said in reference to Bascuñana’s request to the Prosecutor’s Office to stop reflecting his status as mayor in his reports.

The opposition also criticized Cs and its spokesperson José Aix for maintaining the government pact despite the investigation opened to Bascuñana. For Carlos Bernabé “Cs has already shown that he prefers to support Bascuñana to continue playing with him and taking advantage of his political weakness rather than defending the institutional dignity of the City Council,” he said, while Carolina Gracia added that “continuing to allow it only shows that the members of the Oriolano government are more aware of their own interests than of the citizens’.

The use by the investigated party of the municipal Press department, who accompanied him to the courts and summoned the media to make statements with the City Council, avoiding going out with the courts in the background, has caused great outrage in the municipality for the use of public media for a matter that Bascuñana himself described as “private”. Tboth PSOE and Cambiemos announced that they will ask the councilor for explanations for the use of a City Council department for their personal use. The two municipal cabinet workers receive a public salary, one as an advisor (she was on the PP electoral list in the 2019 municipal elections) and the other is part of an employment program.

For its part, the provincial PP ensures that Bascuñana already has a open information file and that now is only time for it to be explained before the judge. They indicate from the provincial leadership that they respect the presumption of innocence and do not want to enter into assessing which people they trust accompany them in their statement. The deputies of Ciudadanos, as partners of the PP in the Provincial Palace, did not want to comment on the issue and limited themselves to saying that “we are going to be respectful with the procedure started and wait for it to be resolved.”

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