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The opposition demands that Pedro Sánchez rectify and control European funds




The report of the Council of State on the Royal decree law concerning the management of European funds yesterday served the opposition to demand the government a rectification and that the distribution is not discretionary. Citizens (Cs), the PP and also Vox – the latter despite being key in the approval of the government regulation – demanded that “control mechanisms” be introduced, after the state consultative body showed its “concern” over its absence.

The Executive hid the report during the processing of the royal decree law and the day before yesterday Council of State He finally published it, a month later, after the avalanche of requests to the Transparency Portal. Cs was the first party to demand that it be made known and two days later, in the control session of the Government on February 3, the PP turned the opacity that surrounded this document into a battering ram.

In its opinion, the Council of State points out numerous shortcomings. Among others, «the elimination or modulation of control mechanisms in matters as sensitive as administrative contracting, administrative agreements or subsidies ”. However, yesterday the report was read proportionally uneven to the number of spokespersons who passed through the press room of the Congress. PSOE, PP, Vox and Cs, all of them, understood that the thesis of the advisory body ratified their respective positions.

“The report ratifies what we have been denouncing,” said the PP spokesperson in the Lower House, Cuca gamarra, who described the “buts” listed by the Council of State in its opinion as worrisome and denounced “the discretion” with which, in his opinion, the Government intends to distribute European funds. “The report clearly and emphatically reveals that controls are lacking,” said the deputy.

A criticism along the same lines as the one made moments before by the president of Cs, Inés Arrimadas, who also demanded an explanation from Vox for allowing “Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias to distribute the funds as they please.” “I hope that the Government and Vox rectify and accept our independent agency,” he added, referring to the amendment to the whole that Cs defended last week in Congress, in the process as bill of the royal decree, and that only aroused the support of PP, UPN Y Forum. Vox voted against.

Balls outside the PSOE

The interpretation of the report was very different in the PSOE. In fact, the general secretary of the Socialist Group, Rafael Simancas placeholder imageHe demanded that the PP and Cs not “cheat” the Spanish. “I am very surprised by the level of ignorance and bad faith that some opposition spokesmen are exposing,” he said in response to Gamarra and Arrimadas, and stressed that the Council of State was “Globally favorable” to the royal decree law, approved in Congress at the end of January thanks to the abstention of Vox.

According to the socialist, the report was on a previous draft and the Executive has already incorporated all the considerations of the Council of State into the final text. Words that the opposition questions, because precisely one of the main claims of PP and Cs, and one of the reasons why they voted against the royal decree law, was the lack of controls that the Council of State also denounces. “It is necessary to have little shame to, after hiding the report, not give it any kind of importance,” the PP spokeswoman responded severely.

His counterpart at Vox, Iván Espinosa de los MonterosHowever, he considers that the Council of State implicitly endorses Vox’s abstention. On the one hand, he argues, it justifies the urgency of the royal decree law; on the other, he agrees that there are “serious deficiencies that must be corrected.”

“Of course you have to introduce control mechanisms,” he admitted, six days after his party rejected Cs’ proposal to manage the funds for a independent agency. A system that, according to Vox, would delay the arrival of the funds, as it would have done, he says, overturn the decree – something that PP and Cs deny, who saw an opportunity to force the Executive to introduce those controls. It is now, via partial amendments, when Vox understands that inspection elements must be introduced, although it did not offer details.

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