Sunday, June 20

The opposition in Israel announces a historic agreement to form a unity government and remove Netanyahu from power

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Naftali Bennett

Image source, EPA


Naftali Bennett would become prime minister until August 2021, then replaced by Yair Lapid, according to the announced agreement.

Israel’s opposition parties announced that they have reached an agreement to form a government and thus end the 12-year term of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

President Reuven Rivlin had given opposition leader Yair Lapid a deadline – which expired at midnight on Wednesday – to gain sufficient support in Parliament and form a new government.

According to the agreement, the leader of the right-wing party Yamina, the religious ultra-nationalist Naftali Bennett, will assume first like prime minister and later will be replaced in August of 2023 by the secular centrist Lapid.

The Islamist United Arab List party (Ra’am, in Hebrew) was the political formation that ensured the new governing coalition.

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