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The opposition plans to present a motion of censure against Albiol in Badalona

The mayor of Badalona, ​​Xavier García Albiol.

The mayor of Badalona, ​​Xavier García Albiol.

The opposition of the City Council of Badalona plans to close an agreement to present a motion of censure against the mayor, Xavier Garcia Albiol, and replace him with the socialist Rubén Guijarro, if the former leader of the PPC does not resign due to his appearance in the Pandora Papers.

The conversations in this regard began after LaSexta and ‘El País’ published that the popular leader received in 2005 a general power of attorney from a Belizean society, which he shared with his then number two, the current councilor Ramon Riera, which was processed through from a manager linked to Andbank bank and allowed from opening bank accounts abroad to managing properties.

Various sources consulted by Efe explain that, although it is not the first time that there have been rumors about a motion of censure against Albiol since he regained the mayor’s office, in May 2020, it is the first time that the parties have taken action. negotiate “seriously” about this option. The first step in tackling the situation was the “recovery of trust” between the PSC, the main opposition party with six councilors, and Guanyem, which has four.

It was precisely the disagreements between these two parties, which did not agree on who should occupy the mayor’s office, which made it easier for Albiol to regain command of Badalona when the socialist Àlex Pastor resigned in the midst of a pandemic. However, sources from the two formations point out that now “the environment is different” because the “gravity” of what was discovered about Albiol forces us to act to preserve “institutional dignity” of the fourth city of Catalonia.

In this sense, Guanyem has asserted that he will not veto the name raised by the PSC if it is to form a “broad” government. The Socialists, for their part, confirm that their bet will be their municipal leader, Rubén Guijarro. ERC, commons and JxCat, with a smaller presence, are also in favor of an operation in which their votes are necessary.

Despite acknowledging that a motion to dismiss Albiol is being finalized, socialist sources consulted by Efe regret having to present a motion of censure because, in their opinion, the mayor should resign on his own initiative. Those same sources fear that, if the operation finally goes ahead, the popular mayor will use it as “victimist” ammunition in the 2023 campaign.

Although the talks are progressing – the parties have proposed to reach an agreement “shortly”, but without setting a deadline – various sources state that there is still no written agreement and that the parties must still consult the operation with their members. .

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