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The Orfeón Crevillentino congratulates Christmas and the New Year in a virtual concert

Still from the video of the Orfeón Crevillentino on Youtube

Still from the video of the Orfeón Crevillentino on Youtube

The Orfeón Crevillentino has published on its YouTube channel a virtual concert with which to congratulate the Christmas holidays to everyone and wish a prosperous year 2021. Specifically, the choralists have sung Beethoven’s Hymn of Joy, taking advantage of the fact that it is fulfilled the 250th anniversary of the composer’s birth. The president of the Orfeón, Esperanza Sempere, highlights that with this video “we sing a song of hope and the desire to live in this (un) forgettable year.”

The video, which lasts five and a half minutes and can be viewed below or by searching for it on YouTube under the title “Virtual Concert of the Orfeon Crevillentino-Beethoven 250”, already has 1,550 views and 65 “likes”. fruit of its originality and the quality of the sound and the participating voices.

This particular tribute to Beethoven from Crevillent has the sponsorship of the Ateneo de Cultura, the Department of Culture of the City of Crevillent, and with the publishing and artistic production of the Ibersonic company.

The president highlights the work of Isa Mari Puig and the musical team to develop essays and online classes

With this video dedicated to the great German composer musician Ludwing van Beethoven, the Orfeón Crevillentino inaugurates its new YouTube channel, in which they will influence new creations in the near future. The president of the entity emphasizes that “this year, when all scheduled actions were suspended, we have had to resort to technology to avoid face-to-face rehearsals and this video is the culmination of this new work methodology.” Sempere also highlights “the work done by the director of the Orfeón Crevillentino, Isa Mari Puig, and the musical team, not only with the video but throughout the year scheduling rehearsals and online classes.”

Choral grouping

The new Orfeón Crevillentino was presented in June of last year at the Center Jove «Juan Antonio Cebrían» in Crevillent, under the presidency of Esperanza Sempere Congost, until then president of Coral Crevillentina. The entities that signed the choral union found it necessary to take the reins of this tradition with a new approach so that the singing activity can once again be the musical benchmark that it was in the past, uniting all the Crevillent fans.

For this reason, since the end of 2016 the collaborations between Coral Crevillentina, Orfeón Voces Crevillentinas and Coro Ruiz Gasch were resumed, and, in a more active way, they decided to recover the initiative to promote this future choral project, which involves the union of the three masses in a single entity that will be called Orfeón Crevillentino. The main purpose of this group is to preserve the history and antiquity of Crevillent’s choral singing and to create a more complete structure for the musical, vocal and choral growth of the orpheonists and therefore of the Orfeón Crevillentino itself.

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