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The organs of the body and what they are for

The content of this article would be very different if it was written by a anatomical, a doctor, a citizen or a poet. I’m going to try to mix it all up.

He BodyYour whole body as a whole is a chatty organ. With it you can maintain a very solid language, even if it does not use sound. It emits vibrations, waves, that others can capture and know better how you are.

There is no doubt that shoulder It can be described as the place where someone who loves us supports us, leans his head. With this he shows us his affection.

He heart it is a place full of love, and occupied by many people, family or friends. But it can be even pets, or some objects photos etc.

The lips they are a part of the face that serve to express what we want, and how much we want it.

The head It is usually located in the upper part of the body, and it is good that it occupies that place because it allows us to dream, it helps us decide, although in this it is often confused with the heart. Some see our goals flying above them. Others, more ironic, see in them the anchoring place of the horns. It is curious because he dismissed that these are put by women to men when they have sex with other men who are not their partner, however, it would be more frequent that they result from going out because the subject accumulates bad grapes or better bad milk.

The handsThey are an extreme part of the body but they allow us to caress, and also to pick things up, even if we put them in our mouth, eat.

The eyes, located in the head allow us to enjoy the beauty of the environment, to capture the reality of what surrounds us, even to locate ourselves at what time of day we are. It is important to know how to see what to perceive.

The pies They are like your roots, your seat. Thanks to his determination you manage to move you with your legs.

At abdomen your food accumulates, in it you have emptied your hunger, and many times you have filled it with pleasant foods.

The nose It is the organ that allows you to capture the essences of what surrounds you, of the smells that they give off.

He fur contributes in an important way to define your image. It teaches you what life is, to go out, grow, change color, fall. It is incredible what we can spend at the hairdresser.

The mandible It helps you to split food, to make smaller ones, so that you can digest them better, but if it gets up it draws a face of haughtiness and pride on your face.

He chestIn women, it is not only a sign of femininity, it helps to shape their figure. And let’s not forget it in the life cycle is key to feeding newborns.

The hips They not only serve to express with pride what we are, when we rest our hands on them, they are also part of our crane, where the lower extremities hook, and thanks to it we move.

The knees They are turning area. Thanks to this, the heels move closer to the thigh, we can walk and move along the path of life.

The genitalsThey not only define our sex, they are an area that generates pleasure. In reality, they are like an entrance and exit door. The sperm, parents of life, come out of the penis. The newborn comes out of the vagina, the beginning of life.

The fingers They are the seat of touch, with them we appreciate what surrounds us, we can caress. Also place rings on them, which can express union. We exchange them when we get married.

Ears and nose, in addition to connecting with the rest of the world through smells or sound waves, are places where some pierce and place earrings or piercings. They serve to modify our image, and with them some seek to increase its beauty. Once again, it is convenient to differentiate hearing from understanding.

There is no doubt that thanks to muscles we can move, but it is something else, they shape our body, draw our silhouette, in fact, there are some who spend many hours in the gym to make them grow.

The nail They not only allow us to scratch, and although we use them less than certain birds, such as raptors, which are used to catch animals and feed, we can use them to beautify our hands, and it is very common who change their color.

Maybe the anus, the ass, enjoy worse fame. It is unfair because, in addition to serving to eliminate the food that we have not absorbed, it allows us to be comfortable sitting down and rest. And those who are male homosexuals would still find other more fun utilities.

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