Monday, May 17

The Orihuela does not find the way

The Orihuela He was defeated in his visit to the field of the leader Ibiza (2-0) and gets complicated in his goal of getting out of the permanence phaseas there are six points left at stake and the goal is five points away.

Albadalejo’s men did not have their best day and were unable to create a single scoring chance in the entire match, although they returned to print fight and dedication to try to avoid, without success, a negative result that finally occurred. Ibiza did not offer their best version either, but they were able to score two goals, the last one already in added time, and crash the ball twice on the posts without trying their best.

During the first 45 minutes the Oriolanos tried to maintain the type at all times. The chances were for the local team, but even so those of Albadalejo managed at times to balance the game in terms of control and dominance.

Like a jug of cold water, the goal scored by Rodado at 27 minutes match after a throw-in. There is nothing I can do Leandro to prevent the ball from entering his goal. Rodado’s header was unstoppable. A real goal that put the Ibizan team ahead and left Orihuela in a very bad situation to face the rest of the game.

Despite the visitors’ attempts to maintain the equality of the game and to link some attack play, the chances continued to be for Ibiza. In the 36th minute, Davo tried his luck with a strong kick that escaped Leandro in his attempt to catch. Kike López arrived and took the ball to finish off next to the post, but the Oriolano goalkeeper reacted quickly to avoid the local team’s second goal.

Davo also smashed the ball into the post as the timer ticked in the 40th minute.

In the last moments of the first period, Albadalejo’s men tried to remedy the situation through a play by Solano who left in the race looking for the opposite goal, but could not finish the task because the local defense sent the ball to a corner.

Irremediably, all the time of the first half had been consumed, and both teams went to the changing rooms with the score of 1-0 in favor of the Ibizans.

In the second half, Orihuela couldn’t find the way to hurt his rival. Although it is true that the Albadalejo team never lowered their arms, they remained without scoring chances in their favor until the end of the game, so the result did not seem to be jeopardizing the result at any time for the local team.

During practically the entire second half, it was difficult for the Oriolans to recover balls and they showed serious difficulties to connect several consecutive passes, quite the opposite of Ibiza, which did recover the ball quickly when it lost it.

It was a second half of few scoring chances, but the few that occurred were favorable to Ibiza, and some of them as clear as that of Kike López who crashed the ball on the post in 84 when Leandro was already beaten, or as that of the second goal in minute 93, when Javi Pérez hit the first touch after receiving from the right wing.

With this new defeat, Orihuela will have to win the next two games and hope that other results will favor them to try to get out of the permanence phase zone.


UD IBIZA: Germán, Fran Grima, Morillas, Goldar, Rubén, Davo (Ekain, 75), Manu Molina, Rodado (Castel, 62), Cirio (Javi Lara, 62), Javi Pérez and Kike López (Sibo, 87).

ORIHUELA CF: Leandro, Pina, Migue Marín, Chechu Flores (Brian, 76), Miguel Marí, Solano, Álex Pérez, Lolo Pavón, Ferrán Giner (Salinas, 76), Badal and Omedo (Toché, 66).

REFEREE: Salvador Abril Portillo. He showed yellow cards to Rodado and Cirio for Ibiza, and to Álex Pérez for Orihuela.

GOALS: 1-0, minute 29, Shot. 2-0, minute 93, Javi Pérez.

CAMPO: Can Misses.

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