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The orphan vows of nuñismo

  • For the first time since Núñez won in 1978, his sociological space will not have a clear candidate

Cruyffismo and nuñismo They have been the two magnetic poles that have marked Barça since in 1988 the constructor from Barakaldo put the team in the hands of the flying Dutchman, who altered Barça’s defeatist DNA. ‘Rauxa’ against ‘seny’, money in the field against money in the bank, sporting ambition against patrimonial ambition, football understood as sport as business … In these elections, in which all the candidates declare themselves cruyffistas, for the first time since in 1978 Núñez arrived at the box his sociological space does not have a clear candidate.

“One of the few things that unites us all is both sports and philosophical cruyffism. I think it will be the first time that the Nuñista vote will not vote together,” he says. Jordi Farré, supporter of ending all isms, except that of the Dutch messiah. “Translated into politics Nuñismo is total conservatism, not understanding that this is a diversion, which plunged Barça into a dark time. The best thing he did was put up with Cruyff with an assembly against it. We have to end Nuñismo, Laportismo, Rosellismo, with all the isms except Cruyffismo, which is something positive. “

The heir

Bartorosellism was the natural heir to Nuñismo. In the motion against Joan Laporta In 2008, Bartomeu asked for support for censorship stating that “voting yes to the motion is voting no for Johan Cruyff”. Sandro Rosell and he failed in that first attempt, but a couple of years later they managed to seduce that partner who paid more attention to Laporta’s forms than to titles. Both Rosell first and Bartomeu later wanted to get away from everything that smelled of Cruyfismo and move the Barça pendulum towards the Nuñista pole. After Cruyff’s death, Bartomeu tried to modulate his ‘anticruyffist’ language, with gestures such as the Johan Cruyff stadium in the sports city and pointing to Toni Freixa as the culprit that the father of the ‘dream team’ returned the badge by saying that the statutes did not contemplate the figure of the honorary president. The club’s export spokesperson and today again a candidate for the presidency, who has insisted that he is the most Cruyffista of all, considers that being a Cruyffista in football is not being an antinuñista. He is the one who most openly tries to capitalize on the orphaned Núñista votes, those sought by the frustrated candidacy of Juan Rosell. “Being called a Nuñista is an honor. I don’t know if I am, but Núñez was a great president during the 22 years in office and he marked a line of responsibility that precisely this previous board has not had. It makes me laugh when they say that Bartomeu was a Nuñista Núñez would not have done the atrocities that have been done lately with sports management. ” Certainly, after Neymar’s escape, Bartomeu tried to adapt the Cruyffista motto of money in the field and not in the field, spending 420 million on three investments (Griezmann, Dembelé and Coutinho) that left each worse.

“Being called a nuñista is an honor. For me Núñez was a great president »

Toni Freixa

Nuñista pride

Freixa is not the only one who declares himself a Cruyffista and tries to sponsor the orphan votes of Nuñists. Emili rousaud, also longs for this bag of votes. “Nuñismo is a management style in which the club is managed bearing in mind that the owners are the members, that the arm does not have to stretch more than the sleeve and that the economy is at the service of the sporting and social objectives of the institution. We are the candidacy that more and better can welcome the Nuñista vote because we defend this style of leadership of Barça as the best way to overcome the current poor economic situation “.

“Whoever seeks the combination of Nuñismo and Cruyffismo will give us the vote”

Luis Fernandez Allah

Luis Fernandez Allah he believes that, like yin and yang, the key is to find a balance between cruyffismo and nuñismo. “Whoever seeks the combination of the two will give us the vote”, defending “the rigor and sanity in the economic management” of the former president with “the winning mentality” of Cruyff.

“Nuñismo prioritized economic management over any concept and governed the club under the tension of ‘if you are not with me, you are against me’. Those who can benefit are those who follow these principles,” he asserts Victor Fuente, who affirms that his candidacy is impregnated with the revolutionary spirit of JC. “Cruyffismo is a winning Barça, on the attack, which denies victimhood and makes us feel like winners after decades of frustrations. It was a winning revolution taken to the pitch like the one that ‘Sí al Futur’ raises in the management of the club” . Xavi Vilajoana, which extols Cruyffismo as “a way of understanding football in capital letters with the ball as the absolute protagonist and at the center of everything”, assures that it does not conceive “any ism that takes us to the past.”

It may interest you

“We are the candidacy that can best accept the Nuñista vote”

Emili rousaud

“The Nuñismo-Cruyffismo division is old, it has been transformed,” he points out. Benedito, for which the dichotomy is between laportistas and nonlaportistas. “There are cruyffistas who are not laportistas, including myself. Not all continuity is nuñismo nor all cruyffismo is laportismo.” Laporta, who put Barça in the hands of Cruyff to raise him up after the long period of Nuñismo (and its Gaspartist epilogue), will continue to have him as a beacon if he returns to the Camp Nou box. “To be a cruyffista is to have a winning attitude towards life, uncomplexed, brave, and to have a taste for good football, which is the genuine style of how Barça plays (…). I hope I have learned enough from him, although it is irreplaceable, but we will always be thinking about what he would have done every time we make a decision. “


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