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The Ortega regime orders the capture of the candidate for the Presidency of Nicaragua



A judge issued a search and arrest warrant on Wednesday against the Nicaraguan presidential candidate Cristiana Chamorro Barrios, who was accused the day before by the Prosecutor’s Office for the crimes of abusive management and ideological falsehood, both in a real contest with money laundering. of money, goods and assets.

“The request for detention was requested by the Public Ministry in the indictment filed this June 1 in the capital’s courts, in which it also requested the complex processing of the case and the precautionary measure of preventive detention for the accused,” he explained Judge Karen Chavarría Morales, head of the Ninth Criminal Hearing District of Managua, in a press release released by the Executive of Daniel Ortega. Likewise, the Nicaraguan Police raided Chamorro’s home on Wednesday.

The press team of Chamorro Barrios, daughter of former president Violeta Barrios de Chamorro (1990-1997), confirmed to Efe that police agents entered the home of the opposition presidential candidate, located south of Managua.

Disqualified for the presidential race

A day before, and seven hours after Chamorro, daughter of former President Violeta Chamorro (1990-1997), registered as a pre-candidate for the elections to be held on November 7, the Nicaraguan Prosecutor’s Office issued a statement in which He announced that he had requested the “disqualification from public office” of Chamorro “for not being in full enjoyment of his civil and political rights because he was in a legal process.”

Said process is the open investigation, two weeks ago, against the Violeta Barrios de Chamorro Foundation, which has led the candidate until its closure last February, for an alleged crime of “laundering money, property, assets and others.” In the same statement, the Prosecutor’s Office confirmed that it was going to present an accusation against Chamorro for “the crimes of abusive management, ideological falsehood, both in real competition with laundering of money, property and assets.” Which has now led to the arrest warrant.

In this way, Daniel Ortega, who is running for his third consecutive re-election, throws his strongest rival out of the presidential race, according to polls. For Chamorro, the investigation opened by the Prosecutor’s Office and promoted by the Ministry of the Interior, has from the beginning been a “farce”, whose purpose was to inhibit her as a candidate. «I am not an official candidate and they intend to inhibit me. How afraid of change they are. United, Nicaragua will once again be a republic, ”Chamorro wrote on his Twitter account on Tuesday after hearing the news. An outcome that I was already waiting for, as he told CNN en Español a week ago during an interview: “Surely they already have the sentence, from the day they called me to governor,” he said.

Ortega, without competition

This maneuver by the Prosecutor’s Office, illegal because no one can be disqualified without a final judgment, joins other actions by the Sandinista government to clear Ortega’s path, such as the outlawing of formations – this is the case of the PRD -, the approval of laws that block the financing of parties or that of a new electoral reform – demanded by the Organization of American States (OAS) last October -, which instead of favoring the holding of transparent and fair elections, after the protests of 2018 that left 325 dead, is facilitating an electoral race without competition for the regime.

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