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The Oscars 2021 on Instagram, virtual red carpet of the pcr and the ‘glamor’ | People

Laura Dern would probably have laughed if a couple of Oscars editions ago someone had told her that the photo with which she was going to illustrate her Instagram profile for the world’s most watched awards is an image of herself holding a cotton swab that they just poked through the nose. Goodbye to the glamor of dresses and jewelry whose value cannot be calculated. The pandemic has normalized even the pcr on the edge of the red carpet.

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Actors, actresses, directors, singers … have finally walked through Los Angeles (and London and Paris), but they have also done it before on social networks. Not too many, neither face-to-face nor virtual, but significant enough to be representative. As it has been happening for half a dozen editions, Instagram is a powerful platform in which to show the ins and outs of the Oscars gala, but this year it has become a place to also teach the demanding preparations and medical tests to which you had to submit. Besides, of course, its little bit of glamor.

Laura Pausini, nominated for best song, I do (Seen), from The life ahead, showed his arrival in Los Angeles, the tests that were done on the car and how it has been part of the protocol when arriving at the delivery. In addition to, of course, her dress signed by Pier Paolo Piccioli, designer of Valentino.

Laura Pausini, upon her arrival at the tests prior to the Oscars.
Laura Pausini, upon her arrival at the tests prior to the Oscars.Instagram

Seconds before revealing the best kept secret that was the evening dress, Halle Berry (who gives a couple of awards) showed in networks something that she also preferred to hide until the last moment: her minimalist haircut. Nothing better than the strands that were left in the process to illustrate it.

Halle Berry shows off her haircut on Instagram shortly before appearing on the Oscars red carpet.
Halle Berry shows off her haircut on Instagram shortly before appearing on the Oscars red carpet.Instagram

Reese Witherspoon has also shown her preparations on Instagram, in addition to going out with an Oscars sweatshirt asking her 25 million followers to make their pools, she was seen getting ready among makeup artists and jewelry.

Many stars took advantage of social media to show their ties to jewelry or beauty brands with which they have contracts. They know that this is one of the most anticipated moments of the year and that the media attention favors them.

Viola Davis, getting ready for the Oscars.
Viola Davis, getting ready for the Oscars.Instagram

Glenn Close toasted hours before donning her blue Armani dress to show how she was putting on makeup and preparing for the awards: in her pajamas and with her hair clip on.

Singer and actress Andra Day, who has stepped into the shoes of Billie Holiday for The United States vs. Billie Holiday, has taught the process of preparation for the Oscars with little makeup, in a bathrobe and even with the towel rolled in her hair.

And, of course, there will always be the classics, especially among the youngest and least used to red carpets. Bulgarian Maria Bakalova, 24, nominated for best supporting actress for Borat 2, was one of the first of the night to appear on Instagram. No jokes, no cocktails, no pcr. She came to show her look of the night.

Even those who did not go to the gala had their own red carpet at home. It was the case of Nicole Kidman, who uploaded a photo of herself sitting on the floor. “I have been doing it since I was a child,” she acknowledged, not without a certain nostalgia for other much more popular Oscars.

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