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The ‘OT’ family cries for Álex Casademunt

The news spread like wildfire on social networks in the early hours of Wednesday. The singer Álex Casademunt, participant of the first generation of ‘Operación Triunfo’ died in a car accident in Mataró, where he resided. His partner Natalia found out precisely through the networks and begged someone to deny the fateful event. But it could not be. The singer had lost his life when he was just 39 years old. The family of ‘OT 1’ woke up in shock amid a whirlwind of calls, messages, disbelief and pain.

A barrage of condolences came from those who were his companions in the well-known talent show that led him to fame, along with other names such as David Bisbal or Chenoa. The man from Almeria was incredulous: «This morning I woke up to attend my little daughter like many nights and I read a piece of news that has frozen my heart. Alex is a spectacular guy, one of those who never loses his humor, he can’t leave so soon. It just can not be. It just can not be. It can’t be, ”he repeated at the edge of six in the morning. Hours later he was seen on the street and, unable to hold back his tears, he would dedicate a few words to his friend, with a special memory for his daughter, who was orphaned at the age of three.

Casademunt had Bruna in 2018 with Laia. The couple did not last long but they did maintain a cordial relationship for his daughter, with whom he was very similar, with blond hair and the same sparkle in his eyes.

The director of the ‘Operación Triunfo’ academy, Noemí Galera, remembered the moment they met: «You went to the ‘casting’ with your neck tattoo, your self-confidence and your mischievous smile and we fell in love. This is how I want to remember you. Take your joy wherever you go. Indeed, if something characterized Casademunt it was his permanent smile and enthusiastic personality. Something that has been highlighted by all those who have known him, from Marta López, who cried inconsolably at the beginning of the ‘Save me’ program in which he collaborates, to the one who was his partner for four years, the singer Merche.

His partner from ‘OT’ Verónica stressed that “he has lived as he wanted, intensely every day” and assured that “it is the person who has made me laugh the most». Carlos Lozano, host of each of the galas of that mythical edition of ‘Operación Triunfo’, stressed that “we are a great family.” «He has had all the fame in the world and that has not changed him. It is as if a relative had left, “he assured.

And precisely, as the family they were, during the morning Chenoa, Natalia, David Bustamante and Manu Tenorio were seen taking the AVE together to go to Barcelona to say goodbye to their dear friend. If they could barely articulate a word, Natalia and Chenoa would arrive at the station where they assured reporters that they were absolutely “devastated.” Throughout the day, words of remembrance and condolences were sent to each other in the media to their families. It was striking how everyone kept talking about him in the present unable to assimilate the pain of your loss. A loss that leaves a broken family.

The first to arrive at the funeral home was his brother, Joan Casademunt, who still dedicated a few words of thanks to the media for their condolences. His father, Juan, his mother, Rosa, and his sister, Cristina, also came and hugged at the gates of the enclosure to which he also arrived the mother of his daughter Bruna. Throughout his career, the singer combined music and television, always with the same dedication and energy. He was part of the group Fórmula Abierta along with fellow contestants Geno, Javián and Mireia with whom he published the hit ‘I love you more’.

Another of his most important musical triumphs was starred alongside David Bustamante, with ‘Two men and a destination’, recently reissued by the Cantabrian. Both they were close friends, so much so that Bustamante addresses him as “brother.” His closest friends also remembered the special relationship that united him to Javián, of which they said, he could not find consolation after hearing the news.

Heartbreaker fame

The artist always had a reputation as a heartbreaker and among his conquests, in addition to Laia and the singer Merche, who got his initial tattooed, the name of the model Noelia López was considered. Years after leaving the academy, in 2016, he himself acknowledged that during the tour they did at the end of the program, a beautiful relationship was born with his partner Verónica, something they kept secret.

From 2003 he combined his career as a singer with that of presenter of ‘Los Lunnis’ and also participated in other tv shows like ‘Crónicas Marcianas’ or ‘Mira who dances’. Casademunt had also developed part of his career in musicals such as ‘Mamma Mia’ or ‘The other side of the bed’.

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