Wednesday, December 1

“The other captains are also going to make the gesture”

Gerard Piqué, scorer of the first goal against Real society, appeared after the game to explain why he was the first of the players to agree to lower his salary. An action that allowed Memphis Depay and Eric Garcia play in the premiere at the Camp Nou. Important words pronounced with an institutional sense, because with the action it seemed to leave in a bad place other footballers of the squad from whom the same is expected, such as Jordi Alba and Sergi Roberto, on whom a hiss fell from the Camp Nou. “It’s what he played,” he began saying with a culé feeling in his throat. “I was born here, I have grown up here and I have almost always lived here, coming to the stadium as a fan and now many years as a player.”

But the most remarkable thing was when he explained that his “gesture”, as he called it, was coordinated with the rest of the captains, Sergio Busquets, Sunrise Y Sergi Roberto. “We have been in total contact with the other captains. They will take the same step shortly, only for a question of ‘timing’ it was necessary for someone to be the first, it had to be done quickly, but we are a family and, I insist, the other captains intend to do what the club requires. “

“We are proud”

Piqué put a mantle of protection to the rest of the captains, because they have the focus on regarding the salary reductions. Memphis seemed to thank him for the gesture with an assist on the first goal, which was scored by the center-back and celebrated by passionately kissing the shield. Sergi Roberto imitated him by scoring the fourth. “It is the decision that we have all made and we are proud, and now we want to win titles,” he concluded.

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Somehow, the center-back attributed the role of contemporary Barça hero that has been attributed to him and that of calculating and reluctant to others to a “misunderstanding.” “We do not go out much to talk and sometimes there are communication problems. I repeat, we have been in contact with the other three captains and we have aligned ourselves. Before starting the league one had to make it official to register the new ones. The other captains are there. to point. It is not a single thing mine. I would like that fans and players we were in communion “, added on the subject.

The defender also appreciated the absence of Leo Messi. “Leo is the most important player in the history of this club and the history of football, but there is a level in the squad and I think we will fight for all the titles, even if Leo is not there, obviously, it will cause us to lose talent.” But he ended his appearance on an optimistic note after the victory. “The game was complicated for us at the end, but in general it was a great game. We have to be satisfied, the image has been good, the new ones have adapted well and the fans seem to be plugged in and wanting to have a good time. I think this year we are going to have fun. “

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