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The other “rush” of Elche

In the first place because the season in the elite, despite the pandemic, has brought a resounding increase in income compared to previous periods in Second or Second B. Therefore, Elche will have more money to spend, if its main manager, Christian Bragarnik, deems it appropriate. And secondly, by the revaluation of the Elche squad, with some players who have seen their cache increase considerably in the market.

So much so that, with respect to the start of 2020/21, Elche’s squad is the one that has appreciated the most of all the First Division’s. With the market closed (October 5), the value of the French-green workforce was 34.9 million euros, according to Transfermarkt data. In its last revision in June, it has risen to 41.2 million. That is, 18.1% more. Behind would be Real Sociedad (14.8%), Huesca (13.8%) or Osasuna (12.8%).

The difference is even greater, almost overwhelming, if the reference to take is the squad that started the League in September. Remember that by then Elche had enough signings to undertake. Its value was 20.5 million, 101% less than now. During the championship, Elche has doubled its valuation in the market. Finally, with respect to the value of the team that achieved the promotion in August (11.1 million), the rise was 271.2%. The other two promoted have much lower figures: Huesca (145.5%) and Cádiz (33.1%).

Market movements?

It is growth in the football market It is one of the objectives of Bragarnik and the team that manages the club, who know how this sector works. They have shown it, without going any further, with the first move this summer, the sale of Rigoni to Sao Paulo after executing an almost negligible purchase option in February to Zenit in Saint Petersburg. The play should leave a notable gain for a footballer who, curiously, has been one of the disappointments of the recent season.

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On the other side would be, for example, Raúl Guti. A little less than a year ago, Elche made the highest investment in its history for the midfielder, paying just over 5 million euros to Real Zaragoza for his transfer. Now, its value is almost double. The International Center for Sports Studies (CIES) rates it at 10 million, a figure in which BeSoccer Pro agrees, which only reduces the appraisal by about one hundred thousand euros (9.9 million). Guti will not be short of suitors. Villarreal and Betis have closely followed his evolution.

Another player who has greatly increased its price is the Argentine striker Lucas Boyé, for which Elche also exercised its option to purchase Torino before ending the League. The franjiverdes paid around 2 million euros and now their value is between 5 and 7 million. Marcone (4.5 million), Tete Morente (4.5), Fidel (4), Edgar Badia (4) and Pere Milla (3) also have a very good market according to different analysis tools used by the sports addresses of the main clubs, both European and South American.

In fact, some of them, like the aforementioned CIES, risk more in their valuations and dare to make a projection regarding the highest level that players could reach in their careers. There, for example, they give a value of 15 million euros to the Colombian side Helibelton Palacios, 10 million to Morente or 7 million to the left-handed central Josema. Figures that, obviously, seem far from the current reality of the three players of the Elche team.

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Given this, it would not be surprising that the club moves during this summer in the direction of finding a club that allows obtaining a economic benefit for any of the playerss that this year they have offered a good performance. Rigoni was the first, but it is very likely that he is not the only one.

The revaluation of players is one of Elche’s assets to grow and stabilize in the First Division: buy low, project footballers and sell high to get the maximum possible profit. A simple maxim to expose, but complicated to execute. Elche, this course, seems to have succeeded.

Return to work: July 5, return date marked

The Elche squad continues to enjoy their deserved vacation After a demanding season physically and unusual in dates, due to the consequences of the stoppage that occurred between March and June 2020 due to the pandemic.

Ahead of the return to work for medical tests and the start of the preseason, the club has a date of July 5 marked. Therefore, the players will enjoy 43 days of vacation, after going to rest the day after the last league match played against Athletic.

The situation will be radically opposite to that of the recently completed course, since the Elche team ended the promotion season in Girona on August 23 and returned to work on September 8, so there were barely 16 days of break between a date and the other. This week the entire preparation schedule for the competition should be fixed, from the place of the “stage” for training to friendly matches, with the possible return of the Festa d’Elx as the main attraction of the summer.

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