Thursday, October 28

The outbreaks in the two residences already leave 107 infected and ten dead

A patient in the ICU of the General Hospital of Elche.

The outbreaks in two nursing homes in Alcoy They already add a total of 107 cases, as explained yesterday by the mayor of the city, Toni Francés. The situation has worsened significantly since Friday, when 88 people were affected as a whole. In the Mariola nursing home, located in the Preventorio area and where the outbreak began three weeks ago, the deceased number ten, four of which are have produced in recent days. So far 38 users and 17 workers have been infected.

Also, in the Emilio Sala geriatric center, located in the center of Alcoy and where the cases were known last week, the infected are 52, of them 34 residents and 18 employees. In this enclosure there are no deaths at the moment, but four people are “in a more serious situation,” said the first mayor.

The outbreak at the Mariola residence was known at the end of November and originated after a worker at the center was infected in her closest family environment. Although from the outset the patients were isolated in a wing of the building that had been specifically prepared previously in case of an eventuality of this type, the great ease of spread of the virus has caused a constant increase in the number of affected. It must also be borne in mind that dependent people reside in this center, who in many cases have previous serious pathologies. As for the outbreak of the Emilio Sala residence, it emerged last week. Both centers are under the medical supervision of the Ministry of Health.

French has added that, despite everything, «hospital pressure is not high” right now. Right now, at the Virgen de los Lirios Hospital there are a total of 19 patients with coronavirus admitted, 17 of whom are on the ward and two in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

There are currently 31 nursing homes with a positive case of covid in the province of Alicante. They are six more than last Friday. In addition, eleven centers are under active surveillance of the Ministry.

Regarding the daily update of coronavirus cases, Health has notified in the last hours 249 new infections of covid in the province of Alicante, a figure significantly lower than that of previous days, although it must be taken into account that on Mondays it usually occurs a delay in communicating the cases detected during the weekend. In the whole of the Valencian Community there have been 622 new positives detected.

The good news is that the death toll is the lowest in a month and a half in the province, since Health has only reported two deaths from covid. In the three provinces, 20 people have lost their lives due to the pandemic, nine of them residents in nursing homes.

Of concern is the increase in hospitalizations after a few weeks with steady declines in admissions. Regarding the last balance on Friday, there are 47 more people admitted to the province because of the covid, up to a total of 359, and 6 more in the Intensive Care Units, which are in charge of 81 patients.

Some hospitals, such as Sant Joan, have been forced to revert to covid plants that had already been free of these patients. This health center had 42 admitted to the plant yesterday and 5 in the Intensive Care Unit. In the neighboring General Hospital of Alicante the number of admitted remains more or less stable. There are 50 patients hospitalized on the ward, five in the ICU and 6 in the CIME, in charge of the Anesthesiology service.

Finally, the province of Alicante has registered 13 outbreaks of the disease. All are of social origin, except for an outbreak with 10 infected people detected in a company in Orihuela.


The educational centers reflect the increase in infections that surround them but with much less incidence, as seen as being common in schools and institutes. The percentage of centers with some contagion has barely grown one point in the province, which translates into 26 more out of 638 in total.

Infected and quarantined toilets increase

Coronavirus infections among health personnel in the province of Alicante have increased by almost 78% in the last two weeks. According to information provided by the Medical Union, there are currently 492 health center and hospital workers who are either on sick leave due to coronavirus (134) or in quarantine due to having been in close contact with a positive (358). Two weeks ago there were 277 toilets in this situation. The province of Alicante is also the one with the most workers currently in quarantine.

To Víctor Pedrera, general secretary of the Community Doctors Union, the situation seems “more than worrying, scandalous, given the repeated warnings that we have been making about deficiencies in labor protection, which, although they are distributed irregularly in the departments of the Conselleria, must be corrected without delay. Something that includes “the adaptation of workstations and places of rest, and the adoption of respiratory protection measures that are as effective as possible, given that infections in the workplace occur both in consultations and in other parts of the facilities from work”.

Pedrera recalls that in the latest seroprevalence study published by the Ministry of Health, it is revealed that the prevalence of infection in healthcare personnel “practically doubles that of the general population, reaching 16.8%”.

“We wonder what they are waiting for to apply the norm of the National Institute for Safety and Health at Work, which indicates that the selection of the most appropriate respiratory protection according to the risk assessment will be based on the” Precautionary Principle “” . In this sense, “we have repeatedly requested, and we do so again, that the widespread use in the health workplace of FFP2 self-filtering masks be established, given the multiple circumstances of exposure to infection in the workplace.”

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