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The owner of a bar charges 2 euros for a coffee and gets a fine

A man walks into a Cafeteria and ask for a decaf espresso. The waiter charges you two euros. It seems to the customer too expensive and, dissatisfied, calls the municipal police. The agents appear at the scene and sanction the owner of the establishment with 1,000 euros. However, the penalty fee It is not for having charged a whopping two euros for a black coffee, but because the price was not visible. This scene is not funny. happened in florence and not just any place: in the cafe Ditta Artigianalerun by the popular Italian coffee grower Francesco Sanapo.

Italy still holds some restrictions for him covid. Specifically, to consult the menus of restaurants, bars and cafeterias in digital format. Sanapo chose to put a QR code, through which you can see the letter and prices. On the other hand, the dissatisfied customer did not think that was enough and he denounced that it did not appear in any physical place and within sight, as was the case with other products.

Outbursts on Instagram

Sanapo did not sit idly by. He has won several coffee championships in Italy and his fame precedes him. As well as his followers. For this reason, she posted a video on Instagram defending the supreme quality of her coffees and, consequently, that it be reflected in the price. The problem, she points out, “is giving the fair value to things. Paying one euro for a coffee is not sustainable”. “The coffee I served comes from a small plantation in Chiapaswas extracted naturally and was prepared very professionally by my baristas“, he argues, while asking that his “outburst” not be “in vain”.

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The coffee expert has paid the fine and has shown it on Instagram. “I’m not disappointed by the fine, it’s fair, it’s correct,” he says, admitting the mistake of not showing the price of the coffee. But he doesn’t focus on the issue, but attacks the customer who caused the controversy.

“This gentleman now walks proud of himself, believing that he has taught a lesson and that he has done Justicethat doesn’t add up to me and I sincerely hope that this video reaches him in some way so that maybe I can have the opportunity to meet him, “he warns.

Networks defend the client

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The controversy was ‘in crescendo’. He has moved to the mediato the point that a national debate about the quality of the coffees served in Italy, the mecca of espressos. Professional colleagues have shouldered Sanapo.

However, the barista has also seen how the networks turned against him and how a multitude of users defended the dissatisfied customer. Thus, in the reactions of his video on Instagram, you can read comments like “the fine is fair, two euros is a robbery” and “Two euros! Is it a joke?”

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