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the paddler war

  • The last week to select the crew of the K4 500 of the Games ends with complaints of tampering and intervention by a law firm.

Surely if the International Olympic Committee (IOC) had not lowered the number of paddlers that Spain could present at the Tokyo Games, nothing that has happened in recent days would have happened. But it happened and the revolt was armed at the selection controls, where two candidates from the K4 500 of Spanish canoeing they had to be left out in a dream team made up of Olympic champions (Saul Craviotto, Marcus cooper walz Y Cristian Toro), worldwide (Rodrigo Germane Y Carlos Garrote) and a world runner-up (Carlos Arevalo). And here the war began. Of six, there could only be four left and all, logically, wanted a place in the Olympic event.

So much expectation and at the same time morbid was created that last Sunday the last control had to be made to define the selected ones behind closed doors, without anyone outside the team being able to access the Trasona race course, In asturias.


And it is that last week Spanish canoeing had become a battlefield with complaints of tampering and lawsuits by a law firm, while the Spanish Canoeing Federation closed ranks with one of those denounced, precisely his great figure, Craviotto, with four Olympic medals, flagged for Spain at the opening of the Games and with a strong media impact for having won the MasterChef Celebrity television contest in 2017.

Craviotto and the coach, Miguel Garcia, were reported by the paddler Club having rigged the selection tests. Garrote complained that his shipmates had deliberately slowed him down to harm him and keep him out of the Games. He assured that he had an audio that compromised the technician and the Spanish standard-bearer.

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The law firm

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Craviotto and the coach put the case in the hands of the Ius + Aequitas office, whose lawyers drew up a letter against the “serious accusations” of the paddler with statements “contrary to reality” and where they demanded that he refrain from “revealing or spreading the information to third parties. alleged recording “.

As if that were not enough, the Lugo Fluvial Club, to which it belongs bull (Rio gold in K2 200), he claimed to have two audios and a video that compromised Craviotto and the coach, demanding that the federation remove them from the team. Far from taking action against them, on Sunday, the day of the final selection, only four paddlers appeared, the four necessary. The complainants, Toro and Garrote, alluded that they were absent from the last control before the Games because they were on sick leave. In this way, the federation already has a free hand to define the four selected after a week of paddling war.

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