Friday, December 3

The Paeria threatens to evict Lleida from the Camp d’Esports for alleged irregularities

  • The session has given a ten-day ultimatum to the club to present the required documentation

  • Miquel Pueyo assures that “his pulse will not tremble”, and Lleida could be left without a stadium at Christmas.

The mayor of Lleida, Miquel Pueyo, has presented this Wednesday in the informative commission of the policies of cultural management, sports and youth, a report in which it proposes the resolution of the agreement between club and town hall. The consistory, because of the alleged irregularities in the accounts of the club, owned by the Esteve brothers, wants to cancel the agreement signed on July 7, 2017 in which the transfer of the Sports field and a soccer field attached to the Lleida Sports.

Pueyo has exploded in the last hours as a result of the corruption scandal that plagues the club. “Enough already!“He exclaimed.” I believe that municipal groups and councilors are aligned in the same direction: in the defense of the rights of the city and of a public good such as the Camp d’Esports. That is why we believe that what corresponds to do from the public administrations, to serve as an example, it is defend the image of the city, the Camp d’Esports and the interests of the sport. We know how to be serious and severe ”.

The mayor has been firm in his statements and has assured that “your pulse will not tremble“, so Lleida could run out of a stadium for Christmas. This Wednesday it gave a ultimatum to the club ten days to present the required documentation on the irregularities. If not, the vote would be taken rescission of the transfer of the stadium, so that any link between Lleida Esportiu and the town hall could be definitively broken.

The bad reputation of the Terra Ferma club has not only been due to the alleged case of corruption. Last June, nine Lleida Esportiu players they were evicted of an apartment located on Calle Doctor Fleming in Lleida, where Nico Van Rijn, Modest Notario, Adrià Pladevall, Yasser, Alpha and four youth players lived.

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The property is owned by the professor of criminal law at the University of Lleida, Josep Maria Tamarit, who took the club to court for an alleged crime of fraud and defaults at the beginning of 2020. The signing of the contract was in the name of the footballer Cheng Hui, player signed by Lleida in 2016 and already separated from the blue and white entity.

Tamarit assures that Albert Esteve confirmed that those in charge of paying the rent would be the Chinese members of the club: Investment Bo Yang. After several delays in the payment of the rent, it was stopped paying and the debt amounted to 20,000 euros, a figure that the owner claims. For now, Esteve stands out from the controversy and ensures that the contract is in the name of another person who will have to solve it.

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