Wednesday, September 28

The Palace of Godoy in Cáceres removes vegetation from the patio for archaeological excavations

It is called to be one of the great works of the year. There is still no date for the start of the conversion of the Palacio de Godoy into a luxury hotel, but some changes can already be seen in the exterior patio. Its vegetation has practically disappeared, including the palm trees, which have been felled and which had previously been treated against the red palm weevil.

The company promoting the project, Scipion Real Estate, explains that the objective of this cleaning is “to be able to carry out the mandatory archaeological excavations.” It must be remembered that the tastings began last autumn and it seems that the archaeological study is going to last for some time, since it will continue once the works start.

«It will last until we finish the excavations of the work. That is to say, first you have to start the work and demolish the buildings attached to the palace, then excavate to the level of the cisterns and new foundations, to finally complete the archaeological study,” says the Peruvian firm that will execute the hotel project. Therefore, the work will have an archaeological follow-up, at least in its first phase, in case vestiges appear.

Regarding the deadlines, there are no specific dates but there is a final pending procedure without which the work cannot start. This is the delivery of the execution project. The rest of the permissions are already granted.

The six lives of the Godoy Palace in Cáceres

The basic project was presented a year ago, in February 2021, and the execution project completes this basic project (with which a provisional license can be obtained), including the construction definition with precise calculations and measurements.

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“Although we have made very important progress internally, we have not yet started an additional process,” concludes the Peruvian firm, whose investment will amount to 13 million euros.

In the eyes of the City Council, the Godoy hotel is one of the most advanced projects of 2022, along with the Way shopping center, whose works have already begun. In fact, according to the terms of the Consistory, both initiatives were expected to be underway during the first quarter of this year.

This was the courtyard of the Palacio de Godoy last fall. /

George King

“For our part, we continue to work on everything in our power to accompany and make the procedures as simple as we can, as we do with each and every one of the large and small works that are carried out in our municipal area,” says José Ramón Bello, Councilor for Heritage and Urbanism.

Special Plan

The monitoring committee of the Special Plan, in charge of giving the green light to all the actions that take place in the old town, approved the basic reform project on June 30, 2021 and on September 16 the Consistory granted the building license . The hotel, which will operate under the Hilton brand, will occupy two other annex buildings in addition to the palace and will have 72 rooms and a useful area of ​​5,800 square meters.

It will also include two large rooms with a library, a bar inspired by the round trip that the conqueror Francisco de Godoy made to Peru, an exhibition and conference room, an indoor swimming pool, a fusion restaurant, a ‘chill out’ in the roof terrace with 360-degree views of Cáceres and its surroundings and a large outdoor cafe located in a garden open to the city that has been designed by the prestigious landscape designer Álvaro de la Rosa. That garden will rise in the same space that has now been stripped of vegetation.

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