Thursday, May 26

The Palau lives a victory with an audience in the handball Champions League

The public returned to the Palau Blaugrana for the first time after sporting competition resumed last year after lockdown. The cries of “Barça, Barça!” accompanied the Barça players again in the easy and controlled victory achieved even with goals on an empty goal against the fragile Norwegian team of Elverum (25 to 37), which was never an opponent who even stood up in the first of the two matches of round of 16 Champions League that are disputed in Barcelona.

Norway has very controlled its borders due to the coronavirus and Elverum chose to play the round of 16, which they agreed to rebound, on the Barça stage. On Monday the return match will be lived, pure procedure for the players of Xavi Pascual. In fact, as the first group B in the first phase of the Champions League, Barça had to go directly to the quarterfinals, the door to play the final four in Cologne between June 12 and 13.

Change of criteria

However, at the end of February the EHF, the European federation, changed its criteria and forced all teams to play the eighth. And in this situation Elverum also found themselves, a team that was eliminated as they were the last of group A, who suddenly found themselves playing at the Palau to lose the match they supposedly celebrated as locals for 12 goals difference. Little to say.

In the stands, with free entry to members, who only paid 1.75 euros for management fees, it was enjoyed and screamed after a year of absence. Slightly less than a thousand people, who experienced the meeting as a party. “We wanted to play with the public and hear the shouts of Barça, Barça at the Palau,” he said at halftime, David barrufet, sports director of the Barça handball section.

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Meanwhile, in the match, Barça played placidly, took the opportunity to rotate, always maintained a reassuring difference on the scoreboard and even Perez de Vargas He scored on an empty goal.

The match sheet

Elverum Handball: (12 + 13). French fries (Imsgar); Hedberg (3), Mathe (2), Solstad (6), Grondal (-), Fringen (-), Blonz (6) -starting seven- Abaló (2), Langaas (1), Pujol (1), Pettersen ( 4), Nilsen (-) and Sorensen (-).

FC Barcelona: (19 + 18). Pérez de Vargas (1); Janc (4), Mem (7), Fábregas (4), Petrus (1), Palmarsson (2), Álex Pascual (3) -starting seven-. Cindric (4), Dolenec (3, 2p), Áleix Gómez (3, 2p), Raúl Entrerríos (-), Sorhaindo (-), N ‘Guessan (4), Makuc (-), Frade (1) and Möller ( ).

Referees: Baumgart and Wild (Ale).

It may interest you

Exclusions: Hedberg, Pettersen and Solstad (Elverum) and Makuc (Barça).

Incidents: 700 people in the stands.

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