Monday, November 30

The pandemic continues to rise and marks a record of 876 cases in one day despite restrictions

Police control in Petrer, last week, to guarantee that the closure is carried out.

Police control in Petrer, last week, to guarantee that the closure is carried out.

The restrictions that the Generalitat Valenciana has adopted to try to stop the spread of the virus they still do not show the desired results in the province of Alicante, with an upward contagion curve and unchecked in many of the localities that have limitations. In addition, in the last day they have been diagnosed 876 new cases, a new record of infections registered since March.

One of the towns where the situation continues to get complicated is Pinoso. There the cumulative incidence of the disease already exceeds 1,000 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, specifically, it stands at 1,067, according to data from the Ministry of Health. On Tuesday the incidence was 853 cases. In this town the restrictions began to be taken in mid-September, first by the City Council, and from October 29 by the Generalitat.

The socialist deputy in Congress and mayor of Pinoso, Lazaro Azorin, has launched an “SOS” to ask the Minister of Health, Ana Barceló, the application of new measures to stop the avalanche of cases. “Our concern is extreme because despite the numerous restrictions that we began to apply in September, and reinforced in October, the number of infections continues to grow,” says Azorín.

506 patients in Alicante hospitals, three less than the day before, although there are three more admitted to the ICU, a total of 98

The mayor also demands medical tests and an epidemiological study from health officials to locate the specific problem that this town in Medio Vinalopó has to try to tackle it. «Pinoso has one of the largest municipalities in the province. We are about 8,000 inhabitants distributed in the urban area, in its ten districts and in the scattered ones. The perimeter confinement of the Community has cut us off from the nearby Region of Murcia and the confinement of Elda and Petrer has isolated us from the most affected municipalities and with the largest population in the region, “argues Azorín to ask himself about the reasons that have led to Pinoso to be at the forefront of the accumulated incidence of coronavirus infections in the Community.

On the new measures requested from the Ministry of Health, the first mayor did not want to comment. “They are the experts and the ones who have to decide how we should act”, Lázaro Azorín points out.

In Petrer the situation is also getting worse, and is now reaching 910 points of incidence, compared to 831 three days ago. Nor do things improve in Elda, with 832 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. The Ministry of Health adopted the first restrictions on October 29, which were tightened on November 6 with the perimeter closure of both towns for 14 days, a period that will expire next Friday.

311 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the Community. The incidence continues to increase every day and is already approaching Madrid, which has 324

In the city of Elche, where the situation had improved slightly, the incidence rate worsened again, standing at 264 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. Elche, along with Orihuela, were the first localities in which restrictions were implemented on October 16. In Orihuela, the situation does improve very slightly, from 316 cases per 100,000 inhabitants to 279.

Added to the poor records of the municipalities is the daily balance of new cases and deaths. The province yesterday registered the record number of 876 new infections in a single day. In the Community, 1,572 cases have been diagnosed, which place the incidence at 311 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, very close to Madrid, with 324. In addition, 12 people have died in the province, which already exceeds 700 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic, specifically 709. In the Community as a whole, 31 people have lost their lives. Five of these deceased were residents of nursing homes, where 142 new positives have also been detected in the last hours.

In the hospitalization floors the pressure stabilizes and yesterday there were three fewer people admitted for covid in the province, up to 506. The same does not happen in the Intensive Care Units, where there are three more people admitted, up to 98. In the In the last few hours, ten outbreaks have also been detected.

The outbreak of the Elda nursing home brings infected workers to 42

The coronavirus outbreak that affects the Domus Vi de Elda nursing home remains active two weeks after being detected. The list of infected and hospitalized patients continues to grow among workers and users of the center although, fortunately, no new deaths have been registered, so the number of deaths continues to be 14 greater. The balance of Friday the 13th placed a total of 59 positive residents in this nursing home, of whom 10 were hospitalized in serious condition, and 42 social health workers. Regarding Thursday’s data, another hospital admission was registered among users yesterday. But the most relevant fact has been the contagion of four new professionals, going, therefore, from 38 to 42 positives in covid-19.

10 outbreaks have been detected in the province, all of social or labor origin

The Department of Health keeps the residence “under control”. In fact, hospital staff have been sent to reinforce sanitary control and isolation of infected users. In the other two nursing homes in Medio Vinalopó where outbreaks have also occurred, the situation seems to be under control. In La Molineta de Petrer the last balance is of 36 infected users -2 of them deceased and 4 hospitalized- and 32 positive workers, while in the Monóvar Nursing Home the infected are still seven workers and 14 residents, of which one has passed away. Also in this case the situation is stabilized and the 21 affected are recovering normally.

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