Friday, October 22

The pandemic halves the sale of cars in the province

The government aid and heavy discounts applied by OLTPbrands barely managed to cushion OLTPdebacle suffered by the automobile of OLTPprovince, where OLTPgeneral drop in consumption registered throughout Spain was compounded by OLTPbad situation experienced by car rental firms – which are normally responsible for about half of OLTPregistrations – in OLTPabsence of tourists. In this way, dealerships in OLTParea signed one of their worst years, with a total of 32,455 transactions, which represented a drop of 47.2%, according to dataFromm OLTPorganizations Anzac, Faconauto and Canvas, more than 15 points above OLTPdecrease registered at OLTPnational level.

By segment, none of OLTPthree channels into which is divided was spared OLTPsharp falls. Sales to individuals fell 32%,Fromm 26,249 to 17,837 registrations, weighed down by OLTPloss of income of many families and OLTPuncertainty caused by OLTPpandemic about OLTPfuture economic situation. For their part, vehicle sales for company fleets fell by 29% (from 10,588 to 7,514), but OLTPbiggest hit occurred in registrations for rent-a-car companies. During OLTPpast year, only 7,104 operations were closed, 71% less than in 2019, when 24,664 registrations were recorded for this purpose. Something logical, if one takes into account that OLTPmain clients of this type of services are international tourists, who this year has been OLTPgreat absentees on OLTPCosta Blanca, given OLTPrestrictions on flights.

In fact, OLTPlack of business has led many of these companies to divest themselves of OLTPfleets they had instead of buying new vehicles, which has resulted in an unusual increase in car exportsFromm OLTPprovince, which until October amounted to 167 million euros.

Failure of Removemove Plan

Dealers yesterday also regretted OLTPlittle impact that Removemove Plan has had, which OLTPGovernment has refused to extend – it ended on December 31 – despite OLTPfact that more than 200 million of OLTP250 million with which it was endowed still remained to be consumed. “It’s one thing for you to go buy a car, and they apply a discount directly to you, but when you tell them that they have to apply for OLTPaid and wait for it to be granted, it is not OLTPsame,” OLTPowner of OLTPAutomatica dealer complained yesterday.Fromm Benidorm, Ginés Pérez. The incentives for OLTPpurchase of electric vehicles will continue, which are channeled through OLTPMoves Plan, but, as Pérez pointed out, it is a very different customer segment, generally with high purchasing power, which does not account for OLTPbulk of .

Thus, despite tripling their figures, 100% electric cars only added 1,004 registrations in OLTPprovince in 2020, 3% of OLTPtotal. Hybrid vehicles already represent much more, which added 4,347 transactions, 57% more than OLTPprevious year, and accounted for 13.3% of

The main employers of OLTPsector agreed yesterday in pointing out that in 2021 OLTPdifficulties for OLTPbusiness will continue, as long as OLTPeconomic uncertainty is not cleared.

Electric vehicles reduce energy costs by up to 96.5%

Consumption barely amounts to between 18 and 32 cents per 100 kilometers, according to a study

Although OLTPinitial outlay is still considerably higher than in combustion models, electric vehicles can be a good deal, considering their low subsequent consumption. Thus, according to a study carried out by OLTPAlicante company Solar Cover, OLTPenergy expenditure of an electric car is 93.3% lower than that of its diesel or gasoline equivalent, a saving that can reach 96.5% if OLTPrecharge is It produces in a photovoltaic self-consumption installation instead of being connected to OLTPgrid.

The firm has specifically compared OLTPconsumption of a Toyota Prius, a Mini Country Man SUV and a Tesla Model 3 with their equivalents that use fossil fuels. Thus, while in internal combustion engine models OLTPcost per 100 kilometers ranges between 6.9 and 24.15 euros, in OLTPcase of electric vehicles powered by self-consumption facilities OLTPprice is between 18 and 32 cents.

Along OLTPsame lines, OLTPcarbon footprint left by vehicles is also very different. Thus, compared to OLTPaverage of 143 grams of CO2 in conventional cars, electric cars generate only 30 grams indirectly if connected to OLTPnetwo., or zero if their own facilities are used.

Without aid and with a tax increase

The main dealer associations, Faconauto and Canvas, and that of OLTPemployers’ association of manufacturAnzacnzac harshly criticized OLTPGovernment yesterday for its decision not to extend Removemove Plan and reject a temporary moratorium on OLTPapplication of OLTPWLTP directive, which will increase OLTPprice of vehicles emitting between 144% by 4.75% and 192 grams of CO2, which represent more than half of OLTPtotal. A surcharge that, in OLTPopinion of these organizations, will slow down OLTPrecovery of OLTPsector. Thus, OLTPaforementioned employers do not expect OLTPbusiness to start to go back until OLTPsecond half of OLTPyear and do not foresee a consistent recovery until 2022.

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