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The pandemic has claimed more than three and a half million deaths

The new coronavirus pandemic has caused at least 3,535,376 deaths in the world since the WHO office in China reported the appearance of the disease in December 2019, according to a balance established by LA AFP yesterday from official sources.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, more than 169,857,380 people contracted the disease. The vast majority of patients recover, but a still poorly evaluated part maintains symptoms for weeks or even months.


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Madrid begins today the vaccination with a second dose to those under 60 years of age who received AstraZeneca

The Community of Madrid will begin this Monday to vaccinate people under 60 years of age who have been administered the first dose of AstraZeneca and have yet to receive the second.In the region, this population group is made up of around 213,300 essential workers who are waiting to complete their immunization due to the changes in criteria of the Ministry of Health regarding this vaccine against Covid-19, they explain from the Community of Madrid.Specifically, it will be the public Hospital Nurse Isabel Zendal that will organize the logistics to administer the second doses of the vaccine to people of that age range starting on Monday, starting with those included in Groups 3B and 3C of the Vaccination Strategy against to Covid-19 in Spain, which include health and social health professionals.


The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, said this Sunday that he hopes to receive the Johnson & Johnson vaccine against Covid-19 through the Covax mechanism. “We are looking for Johnson & Johnson’s, Janssen, we have asked the Covax system for that,” Maduro said on the Venezuelan television network (VTV).


The extension of the hours until 01.00 in hospitality and cultural venues comes into force in Madrid

The extension of hours until 01.00 hours in bars, restaurants, cinemas, theaters, auditoriums and premises of the Community of Madrid will come into effect this Monday, the 31st. Specifically, in relation to the hotel and restaurant sector, The closing time will be at 01.00 but they must stop admitting clients after 00.00.


Venezuela investigates possible arrival of Indian variant

Nicolás Maduro announced yesterday that the authorities are investigating the possible arrival of the Indian variant of Covid-19 in the country, after five women entered the territory through the land border with Colombia.“We are investigating, that it seems – that – from Colombia, for – the state – Apure, the mutant from India entered, it is under study at this time,” said Maduro during the weekly balance that he carried out on the behavior of the virus in the country .He indicated that there are five cases under study and that they notified the Colombian authorities about the situation.


South Africa tightens restrictions against Covid-19

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa announced yesterday a reimposition of the strictest measures against Covid-19, given the threat of a third wave in the country.Four of the nine South African provinces, including Gauteng, where Johannesburg and the capital Pretoria are located, are already being hit by the third wave of the pandemic, the head of state said in a televised speech.“It is only a matter of time before the country as a whole enters a third wave,” he warned.South Africa is officially the country most affected by Covid-19 on the continent, with 1.65 million cases detected and 56,363 deaths. “The number of positive tests was more than double last month than the previous one,” Ramaphosa stressed.


Mexico adds 52 new deaths and accumulates 223,507 deaths from coronavirus

Mexico added 52 new deaths from coronavirus in the last 24 hours, reaching a total of 223,507 deaths, in addition to 1,307 infections that bring the confirmed cases to 2,412,810, the Ministry of Health reported yesterday.With these data, Mexico ranks as the fourth country in the world with the most deaths, behind the United States, Brazil and India, and the fifteenth in number of confirmed infections, according to the Johns Hopkins University count.However, the real data are higher, since the Government itself recognized at the end of April in the updated report of ‘Excess Mortality in Mexico’ that the associated deaths are just over 332,500 after an analysis of death certificates.


Colombia registers 20,218 cases of coronavirus and applies 300,000 vaccines in one day

Colombia continues on the crest of the third wave of Covid-19, with 20,218 new positive cases and 535 deaths registered this Sunday, while the vaccination campaign reached a record of more than 300,000 doses applied in a single day, according to the Ministry of Health.In this way, the country, which is immersed in the worst and most virulent wave of coronavirus since Easter, already counts 3,383,279 cases and 88,282 deaths from coronavirus.However, May, the month with the most deaths in the entire pandemic, is also the one in which the most Covid-19 vaccines have been applied since the campaign began last February.


Italy yesterday registered 44 deaths from Covid in one day, a minimum in seven months

Italy yesterday registered 44 deaths from Covid-19, the lowest daily balance in more than seven months.Italy accumulates 126,046 deaths from the pandemic, while the balance of infections exceeds 4.2 million, according to data provided by the Civil Protection Agency and the Ministry of Health.Meanwhile, 34.2 million doses of vaccines have been administered, and 11.8 million people, almost 20% of the population, have received the two in principle necessary, according to the government.


Cuba reports the highest numbers of infections and deaths from the pandemic in May

Cuba registered 1,079 new positive cases of Covid-19 and 7 deaths in the last day, so that May, with a daily average of 1,156 diagnoses and 10 deaths, has been the month with the highest figures since the start of the pandemic in March 2020.In this fifth month of 2021, 33,544 cases and 296 deaths from Covid have been reported in the Caribbean country, according to statistics from the Ministry of Public Health (Minsap) cited in its updated report this Sunday.Of the infections confirmed yesterday, 1,047 are indigenous and the rest are 32 travelers – mostly (31) Cubans and one Russian – from Russia, Spain, the United States, Panama and the Bahamas.


Ecuador registers 1,100 new cases of Covid-19 and accumulates a total of 425,841

Ecuador yesterday registered 1,100 new cases of Ccovid-19 and accumulates 425,841 positives since there are records of the pandemic, while it brings together 20,545 total deaths, after adding 60 deaths, reported the Ministry of Health.The number of confirmed deaths reaches 15,070, to which are added 5,475 probable deaths from the disease, the health portfolio specified in its daily report.The province of Pichincha, whose capital is Quito, is the most affected by the pandemic with 151,313 accumulated cases, 311 new compared to Saturday, followed by the coastal Guayas, with Guayaquil head, with 57,322 infections, 139 additional.


Brazil touches 462,000 deaths from coronavirus

Brazil registered 874 deaths from Covid in the last 24 hours and the total number of deaths from the virus rose to 461,931, the Ministry of Health reported this Sunday.According to the most recent bulletin of the portfolio, the number of infections is 16,515,120 confirmed cases, after accounting for 43,520 new infections in the last day.Yesterday’s figures fell practically to half of those registered the day before, something that the health authorities justify due to the lack of personnel to process the data during the weekends, something that usually normalizes on Tuesdays. The number of deaths has been registered a moderate fall in the last month.


Argentina registers 21,346 new cases of Covid-19

Argentina reported 21,346 new cases of Covid-19 yesterday, bringing the total number of positives to 3,753,609, while deaths rose to 77,456, after 348 deaths were reported in the last 24 hours.The figures reveal a decrease compared to the positives reported this Saturday, when 29,841 cases were reported.Argentina registered a daily record of cases last Thursday, when 41,080 infections were reported, while the highest number of deaths in a single day occurred on May 18, with 745 deaths that day.

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