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The pandemic is triggered in Galicia and breaks a record with almost 800 new infections




The pandemic shoots up in Galicia. This Saturday, with data from Friday at 6:00 p.m., they have been notified 798 new Covid infections in the Community. This represents a more than substantial increase compared to those notified the previous day, where there were 535 new cases, and surpassing the highest mark so far, achieved on November 1 with 785 new cases, which was the peak of the second wave. This increase in positive CRPs also causes active cases to grow. This Friday they have been notified 7,392 persons passing the disease, 503 more than the day before. The effects of a third wave are thus noticeable, which already seems to have settled in Galician lands, as in the rest of Spain and Europe.

The website of the Ministry of Health It also includes that, to date, a total of 1.168.006 PCR, which allows calculating that in the last 24 hours 8,390 tests have been carried out, 2,121 more than the immediately previous day. Of course, the positivity rate of scaled PCRs up to 8.5%. which means that the Galician Community is still above the 5% that the World Health Organization (WHO) marks to consider the pandemic controlled, Ep.

The good news, or the least bad, is once again in the healthcare pressure, which is reduced compared to the previous day. Those admitted for contracting the virus are 405, eight less than those notified on Friday. In the ICU, the situation continues the same as the day before, and there are 63 admitted to intensive care. The cut has occurred in the plant, with 342 entered for the 350 from the previous day.

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As always, the bitterest face of the pandemic is once again on the side of the deceased. At the end of this Saturday three other people have been notified who lost the battle against the disease. This new data brings the total number of deaths from coronavirus to 1.444.

Area to area

The sanitary area of Corunna It is once again, now for the third consecutive day, the area that accumulates the most active cases between its borders, with an increase of 139 cases compared to the previous day, and placing the figure in the 1.696. This is also due to the high number of positive PCRs that the data have produced in the last 24 hours: they are 171 new infections confirmed, 47 more than those notified on Friday.

The situation in the Santiago de Compostela area the day that the capital and its perimeter release the toughest restrictions continues to be complicated. Of the almost 800 new infections detected by PCR in the last 24 hours, 169 have been in the Santiago area. They are 30 more than those notified the day before. The increase in the number of active cases was also very notable, which increased by 133 to 1,650. Its evolution of cases follows closely that of La Coruña, although it has not yet reached it in terms of active cases or new infections.

He follows them, although at a safe distance, the area of ​​Vigo. There is a significant increase compared to the previous day in the number of active cases. They are 1,330 (+118), with others 209 infected in the last 24 hours. This is the area with the highest number of positive PCRs on Saturday.

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In the history of active cases they are followed by the area Pray, with 856 active cases reported. They are 38 more than the previous day, which confirms its upward trend that was already becoming evident in recent days. His positive tests also increase compared to Friday: they are 79 (+4).

The one from Pontevedra, which had been reducing its number of active cases in recent days, increases its number again, albeit slightly. Have been confirmed 724 active patients, seven more than the day before. As for the number of new infections, they are 55 (+4). And the area lucense, which was in the same downward trend, does not manage to improve its data either. Accumulate 699 active cases (+73), with another 87 confirmed by PCR test. However, he does not record any hospitalized in the ICU this Saturday.

In last place by number of active cases, being the area with the lowest incidence, it is Ferrol. In total there are 437 people suffering from the disease, only four more than the previous day. Others have been registered 29 diagnoses, and is the only Galician area that has managed to decrease the number of positive tests (-17).

Refering to positivity in the areas, only that of Ferrol is below the threshold of 5% l, with 4.8% of positives of the total of tests carried out. The rest, except Lugo (5.1%), are far exceeded: Orense (7.2%), Vigo (7.6%), Santiago (7.8%), La Coruña (12.3%) and Pontevedra, where it has shot up to practically 20%, with 19.2%.

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The trend is also upward in the senior centers, where active cases grow to 235, after the increase in cases produced by outbreaks in centers in A Pastoriza, Xove and Tui. On this Saturday, another 28 new positives have been notified, as confirmed by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Social Policy. On the other hand, nursing home workers Galicians infected with coronavirus amount to almost thirty, up to 121. Of the infections detected in the last hours, 18 are linked to the outbreak of the nursing home of The Pastoriza, which records 36 casps acts; another six to the center of Tui, with 39 infected elderly; and two others to the focus of the San Bartolomeu de Xove Residence (Lugo), which already shelters 25 infected.

In the disability care centers they are maintained without any infected users, although there are four workers that are maintained with the virus active. The figure, therefore, does not vary with respect to the data provided on Friday.

The schools have already resumed their activity, thus beginning at the beginning of the second quarter. There is 1,033 active cases within the educational community, 187 more than when they went on vacation from Christmas, at which time the figure rose to 846. From the Sergas they assure that these data also correspond to those infected during the holidays, who continue to be carriers of the virus and, therefore, cannot go to classrooms.

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