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The Paper Shoot Camera is a twist on the way we take photos: fun, “simple” and ecological

We carry a great camera with us all day: our mobiles have long been less phones and more photographic devices, but some people keep trying flip this segment. It is demonstrated by the Paper Shoot Camera, a unique camera with a different approach – wink, wink – than the traditional one.

This camera claims to be more respectful thanks to the use of nice interchangeable shells made of cardboard. In it we will not find touch screens or advanced controls: we are dealing with a device that also gives an “analog” finish to the photos. It does not want to compete in quality or features with your mobile phone or digital camera, but rather to complement them.

Photos with another touch

This is a digital camera equivalent to one with 135mm film. Your sensor has a resolution of 16 Mpixels and an aperture f/2.0. It has automatic adjustment of exposure, white balance and focus, and that allows the user to take photos without worrying about anything even at night (and without flash).

There are four native filters: color, monochrome, sepia and “cool tone”. The results are of course different and add a certain grain and aspect of an analog camera, as can be seen on the Instagram account of this manufacturer.

In addition to photos, you can also record video in a limited way: only 10-second clips, which will also need us to connect the camera to an external battery.

Screenshot 2022 03 17 At 12 10 50

The photographic experience is also different from what we have on our mobiles, for example: there is no screen on which we can see what we want to capture, no advanced settings: basically there is a small switch to choose the filter and a fire button.

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The optical viewfinder is, in essence, a hole that allows us to know how the shot is going to be framed, which also takes a few moments to do and it is not as instant as what we can get in other cameras.

That does not make it especially suitable for photos in which we want capture moving objects in a process moment —for example in sports activities—, although even in those scenarios the results are probably striking.

Screenshot 2022 03 17 At 11 59 24

The camera (the plate, on the right) is inserted into the casing – in this case transparent – and fastened with a series of screws.

the camera works capture photos to SD card (accepts models of up to 32 GB) and works with conventional AAA batteries —recommend rechargeable—, and to see the results we will only have to extract that SD card to insert it into our computer or connect the camera to the PC through a cable with a Micro USB connector .

Screenshot 2022 03 17 At 11 42 02

The cases are not entirely cheap, but the truth is that there are some of the most curious designs.

The camera is actually a board with the sensor built into it — it’s reminiscent of the Raspberry Pi — and what we do is “insert” that camera in the different housingswhich have all kinds of designs and can be purchased separately to give this camera an original and fun look depending on the occasion.

The idea is not entirely new: its creator, a Taiwanese entrepreneur named George Lin, has already launched this development under the name of CROZ in the past, although at that time the sensor was only 5 Mpixels.

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Screenshot 2022 03 17 At 12 12 25

The filters and the final finish of the photos are striking, and although it is true that we can achieve similar results with various mobile applications, the Paper Shoot Camera has its charm.

There are now evolved editions of the CROZ in the form of new shells, but in fact we had already seen a camera of this type in the past: the IKEA KNÄPPA of 2012 was precisely an identical concept that seems to have been reused in Paper Shoot Camera.

The cameras they have a price of 120 euros and can be found in various countries, including Spain. There are also accessories available in the form of different lenses, but especially when it comes to the aforementioned housings.

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