Thursday, December 9

The Parliament approves to guarantee with public money the guarantees of the ‘procés’




The Parliament of Catalonia has approved this Thursday the decree law that will allow the Generalitat to guarantee with public funds the bond imposed by the Court of Accounts (ToC) to 34 former members of the Government for the foreign action of the ‘procés’. In total, 5.4 million for possible undue expenses that the defendants will not have to face with their personal assets. The proposal has gone ahead with the votes of ERC, Junts, the CUP and the abstention of the PSC and the Commons. Vox, Cs and PP have voted against.

The debate and the full vote on the proposal to create this resource pool, called the Complementary Risk Fund (FCR), was held late in the afternoon, once the opinion of the Guarantee Council Statutory
on this matter that several opposition parties had requested. With the approval (not binding) of the advisory body, the Minister of Economy, Jaume Giró, has appeared before the hemicycle to expose the benefits of a formula that he himself tried to avoid at first.

“It is a mechanism to restore the space of freedom to carry out political action”, has defended Giró, who is part of the quota of Junts in the regional executive. Likewise, he stressed that the fund will serve to “protect” public workers “as all democracies do” and will ensure the right to the presumption of innocence by avoiding the seizure of assets and savings of officials or public officials. On the list of people who will avoid seizures with this fund are, among others, Carles Puigdemont, Oriol Junqueras or Artur Mas, as well as former deputies, former senior government officials and people related to the ’embassies’ of the Generalitat and the foreign independence action. Giró, who has avoided mentioning the names that will benefit from the decree, has settled his argument by predicting that this fund will withstand the “judgment” of the passage of time.

PSC abstention

After Giró’s intervention, he has taken up the lectern of the Parliament Alicia Romero (PSC), which has cleared up one of the doubts that hovered over today’s session: knowing if the Socialists would align themselves with the Catalan government and endorse the creation of the fund. “The question we would have to ask ourselves is because the insurers gave up covering some risks of the Generalitat,” the deputy began. Although Romero has recognized that the opinion of the Guarantees Council leaves the doubts of the PSC about the legality of the fund, he has announced the abstention of his party based on the “mistakes” made by the Government when raising and developing its proposal.

The PP, on Giró: «Trilero de Las Ramblas»

Then, and the unknown about the meaning of the vote of those of Salvador Illa, the rest of the formations have appeared. Vox has criticized the expenditure of the Generalitat in the international promotion of the ‘procés’ and has accused the Government of wanting to make the Catalans do a «Lola Flores» making them collectively pay for the “irregular expenses of the separatist process.” Then the CUP He has defended the norm and has taken the opportunity to charge against the Court of Auditors stating that its members and its notion of the rule of law are “out of date”. Along the same lines, the Common, who have abstained after accusing the ToC of wanting to “put stones” in the “path of dialogue.”

Citizens, for his part, has indicated that those who vote in favor of the fund will guarantee that “the money of the Catalans” is “stolen with impunity”. Alejandro Fernández, leader of the PP in Catalonia, he has also criticized the “illegality” of the Generalitat’s strategy, comparing the councilor Giró with a “trilero from Las Ramblas.” “They put public institutions and services at the service of alleged embezzlers,” he lamented after noting that the fund “launders past crimes with everyone’s money.”

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