Thursday, October 6

The partners of Pedro Sánchez finalize their partial amendments to achieve more assignments in the Budgets




The government assumes between this Wednesday and Thursday the defense of bill for the State’s general budgets (PGE) of 2022, compared to seven return requests registered by the opposition. The first stumbling block in public accounts, however, should not put the Executive in trouble, already knowing that its regular partners will not join the proposed vetoes.

Yes indeed, ERC, PNV, eh Bildu and the rest of the parties willing to negotiate the PGE finalize their partial amendments, with which they will try to wrest new concessions from the coalition government of PSOE and United we can. If, as everything seems to indicate, the amendments to the entirety of PP,

Vox, Citizens, Together, CUP, Canary Coalition and Asturias Forum, will open the period to introduce concrete changes via partial amendments, whose deadline to register ends at two in the afternoon this Friday.

Sources from ERC, PNV and Bildu confirm to this newspaper that they are working against the clock on the partial amendments, with which they intend to bring their final position in the Budgets closer to yes. The three announced on Friday that they were not going to file amendments to the entirety – that if they prosper, they will directly overthrow the government’s project – but they made an effort to claim that there is still work ahead to reach an agreement.

ERC has already managed to get the PSOE to commit to carry out the audiovisual law –In which it requires the establishment of quotas of co-official languages in production – while the PNV managed to reissue the promise of Pedro Sanchez that him minimum living income
It will be managed entirely by the Basque Autonomous Government. However, these premises only guaranteed the Executive that its allies will not join the opposition this Thursday, in the vote on the amendments to all public accounts. Now, detailed conversations about PGEs are beginning.

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Requirements to know

From ERC, beyond its parallel requirements in audiovisual matters, it is not detailed at the moment in what direction its partial amendments will go. Nor from Bildu, where they speak of “social and economic rights” and where their spokesperson in Congress, Mertxe Aizpurua, reminded Sánchez on Tuesday of the importance of “facts” beyond the “acquired commitments.” Aizpurua alluded to the “complete repeal” of the labour reform that the PSOE, United We Can and Bildu agreed last year in one of the extensions of the first state of alarm due to the coronavirus pandemic, but that the Government later disavowed.

The PNV also keeps its letters, although its spokesman in the Lower House, Aitor Esteban, did advance some line of special relevance to them last week, such as the increase in budgetary investment in the Basque Country in matters of digitization. The nationalists also demand concretions in the high-speed train, although Esteban did admit “positive” conversations in this regard. Government partners prepare for final negotiation.

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