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The party can wait | Today

Romano’s appearance in training this Thursday. / MERIDA AD

Mérida intends to delay Córdoba’s alirón, which will be accompanied in the stands of Romano this Saturday by around 1,200 fans


To/to the people of Cordoba: there are various theories, but it is always better to achieve promotions or achievements at home. With your people by your side, so that as many people as possible can celebrate it. In your stadium that you know inside out, to know where to escape or take refuge in a moment of overwhelm or find what you had saved to drink it in the middle of the party. In your city, so that after cleaning up you arrive quickly at the restaurant or pub on duty. Without having to take the bus and wait for the low for three hours. Yes… better at home.

A/a los emeritenses: transcendental matches for an entire season there is only one, at most. The rest is road. And within that path, there are encounters that stand out far above the rest. Beyond the fact that the points are vital or there is a desire involved. It matters much more to receive the best team of the long group, try to beat them on the field, measure yourself loudly with the rival fans that move in an avalanche, keep it in memory as an individual entity not because of how it stayed but because of how you felt . Having a good time.

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And tomorrow’s Saturday at the Romano is one of those games: Córdoba can achieve promotion to the First Federation (just one point is missing) and the Mérida fans can take an emotional memory with them. But there is more than that: a stumble by Cacereño in Villanueva could even give Córdoba that promotion at the break of their match against Mérida and the Merida stadium will present the best entrance of the year with more than a thousand fans displaced from the capital Cordovan. Around 1,200. There each one if he loses it.

It is unlikely that, in the end, the visiting fans will outnumber the locals, but it could come very close depending on the latest pull in both ticket sales in Córdoba and the payment of the club’s Noon supplement at the Romano. “Every day more people are coming to the stadium, who encourage more and are more involved with the team,” the coach from Mérida detracts from the drama. «I am not asking for much, but that the team offers and people get hooked. It is the mechanism that I understand. Here the people are wise and know when the team needs them because they are having a hard time. What people like is to come and that their players push, go, leave everything and that’s what we have to focus on. That’s what the Merida fans get hooked on quickly.”

And Juanma Barrero’s team will need it. Only Villanovense has beaten Córdoba this season and only Villanovense and Ceuta have kept them clean in these 29 games so far this season. «There are teams whose defects and virtues are seen very quickly, and Córdoba is one of them. The problem is that it has many virtues and very few defects. I think they will come to try to be champions by winning. It is what I hope. But I don’t know what attitude they will have during. But that doesn’t have to worry us too much. It is that if on top of that I have to worry about what mentality they are going to come… That has to give us a little the same. We also need the points”, reflects the Mérida coach, who for the most beautiful game of the year at the Romano stadium only has the suspension of the suspended Bonaque and the doubt of the injured Diego López.

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