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The pattern arrived: Dominican Wander Franco, the best prospect in baseball, was called by Tampa Bay to make his MLB debut

Franco was in Spring Training prior to the start of the season.

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It’s time to Wander Franco. After weeks of much anticipation, the Tampa Bay Rays finally made up his mind: He called the Dominican 20 years old, the best MLB prospect, to debut in as soon as this week. “El Patron” arrived.

Wander Franco, by consensus, is the best prospect in all of organized baseball in two years. This season at Triple-A showed why he is considered as such: he hit .315 average and 35 RBIs in 39 games.

The fans were asking for it and the team listened. The a native of Baní was signed by two Tampa Bay scouts for $ 3.8 million in 2017.

Franco, originally a shortstop, has also played second and third base lately to add more value to his figure, especially in a highly competitive environment like the Major Leagues.

We have some wonderful news for you“: This is how Tampa Bay announced the rise of its jewel, who debuts on Tuesday, June 22 against the Boston Red Sox, at Tropicana Field.

“El Patron”, as he is called by his companions, will become the first MLB player to be born in 2001. In other words, it will be the youngest major league. The hype for its premiere is phenomenal.

Wander Franco: the most anticipated

Since Wander Franco He participated in Spring Training this year, and even since last season, there is talk of his capabilities and the potential he has. And expectations are so high with the young Dominican that his name is already capable of moving the collectors market like few others.

In May, a card for the 20-year-old shortstop was auctioned off and sold for $ 198,030.. Impressive. It was the most expensive card that Franco has sold so far. And let’s remember, without having debuted in the Major Leagues.

Tampa Bay Rays have a 43-30 record, but is going through a losing streak of six consecutive defeats. The call to Franco, who will surely inject energy into the whole group to overcome the bad moment. He is halfway through Boston in the fight for the lead in the AL East.

“El Patron” took over the Minor Leagues. His defense more than delivers. And in attack not to mention: ambidextrous, with power and a lot of speed. He has the mixed skills to make a mark. Your time has come.


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