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The payment solution I never knew my business needed:

A macropayment review

I have had a merchandising business for several years. But my business took a hit (as did most small and midsize businesses) during the onset of the pandemic in 2020. Most of my peers retired, and I was on the verge of doing so myself. 2021 would have been an exact replica of the previous year, if not worse, had I not decided to move parts of my operations online.

macro payment

Going digital was the conscious decision to make (and possibly the only logical one) if a small business wanted to survive the Great Lockdown of 2020. However, it is not without its pitfalls and pitfalls.

On the one hand, there is a lot of work to do if this is your first time doing a digital adoption, as I was. Then there are the actual operations, the sales, and eventually the handling of purchases, particularly payments. The first few parts have plenty of articles available online (most of which I pored over), but the part about payment processing isn’t rich or revealing.

So, I’m writing this testimonial to contribute to the Alternative Payment Methods (APM) literature for businesses like mine. And hopefully guide entrepreneurs away from the edge and into the forefront.

Let me take you through my journey to discover and use Macropay, the payment solution that I honestly never thought my business needed. And nearing the end, how it’s still helping me expand my business.

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Why did you need to handle payments through an APM?

Using cash is almost impossible for me as I would need physical contact, and that’s just one difficult step during the pandemic. Meanwhile, I had a problem using debit and credit cards due to a POS issue from a bank provider. My clients found it much safer to pay with the APM of their choice.

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This security applies both to the quarantine measures and to the financial transaction itself. To name a few APMs, they include: Giropay, iDeal and Sofort. However, while these options are reliable and fast, using separate systems for different markets is like putting together many pieces of a puzzle. That is why I chose to go with Macropay. It requires only one integration that works in different locations.

So while they are convenient, the use of APMs is also fragmented and challenging to eventually scale when used individually, which brings us to the next step in the journey.

Why did I choose Macropay? And why you should too.

As I abundantly pointed out in the previous section, the many options for APM can be confusing and complicated in the long run, especially when you start to handle a more diverse group of international clients. This is where Macropay comes in.

Macropay essentially serves as a one stop shop for all of my company’s payment requirements. It allowed me to receive local payments from multiple channels without setting up all the integrations one by one. Their efficient onboarding process also meant I was able to get down to business with no problem. I was able to start accepting payments sooner than if I went ahead and manually set up each individual gateway my customers use; or if maybe I used other payment systems.

Furthermore, Macropay has multiple layers of digital security. Built-in identity verification and fraud protection to keep online threats at bay. This service is all the more valuable as all transactions take place online. Now, I can be sure that there will be no loss of earnings due to fraudulent payments. And I can also focus on finding more leads and expanding my business.

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On top of that, Macropay takes care of my business beyond technical support and online payments. They also have experts available for consultation and advisory services which helped me a lot! (Here’s a shout out to Vic!)

But what is the only disadvantage of Macropay?

While it is definitely a powerful solution, its impressive features have caused a problem. Due to the volume of people trying to use Macropay services, the waiting list for the onboarding process grows day by day.

And while their experts are on top of everything, there could be quite a bit of waiting time before service activation.

However, it’s important to note that the wait time is still shorter than having to navigate APM without experts, and the total time saved is still worth the wait.

How does Macropay help speed up my business?

The first step to scaling a business is to keep everything organized and ready for the next leap. Macropay Consolidated Dashboard provides exactly this service. With a single gateway to view all transactions and integrations, I’m confident I know exactly how cash flows through my business. In the long term, financial data from the Macropay dashboard informs essential business decisions.

One of the decisions that an entrepreneur can make after maturing in a certain market is the prospect of expansion.

Fortunately, Macropay has that covered too.

Their open banking service benefits both the merchant and the customer. The seller or business owner has the power to expand into markets outside of its original location without worrying about fluctuating currencies or banking protocols. Furthermore, Macropay allows the merchant to process payments from multiple sources, for multiple currencies and in a growing list of territories.

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Meanwhile, the customer can enjoy the peace of mind of not being forced to meet the seller halfway in terms of payments. There are certain (and previously unavoidable) scenarios where merchant systems don’t offer your preferred payment modes. Most of the time, these issues result in churn rates and cart abandonment. Macropay’s open banking solution is here to help you avoid those problems.

How is Macropay sustainable for my business?

At this point, we have established the benefits of Macropay’s customer and business-oriented payment solutions. Being a reliable APM gateway with a highly efficient system, there is no doubt that it provides exactly what it says.

However, it’s also important to mention that their amazing technology is complemented by a genuine human touch from their support team. From the first use to this moment when I am handling more markets, your excellent customer service has guided me with expert advice.

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