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The Pedrilla Concerts end this Friday after attracting more than 5,000 spectators in Cáceres

Promotional photo of Valérie Ekoumé. / / TODAY

The Cameroonian Valérie Ekoumé puts the final point to the cycle organized by the Diputación

The Pedrilla museum concert cycle comes to an end this Friday with Valérie Ekoumé, a Cameroonian artist who will perform at 10 pm in the museum’s gardens and present her third album, entitled ‘Monè’.

The capacity enabled in the gardens is 800 seats, although the total number of attendees who can access is 1,200. Throughout the two months of concerts, a total of 4,860 people have passed, which will be more than 5,000 after tonight’s concert. The artists that have received the most influx have been Tomatito and Kiko Veneno, who came to complete the capacity. Others like Ana Alcaide, Ranky Tanky or Choé Bird were also very well received, with between 800 and 900 people attending.

On the other hand, regarding the issue of the long queues that have formed due to certain important artists who have performed, such as Kiko Veneno and Tomatito, the Cáceres Provincial Council points out that “we have had the online reservation system during the pandemic, but there are many people who have difficulties accessing it that way and have wanted to return to the system that existed before. “During the first concerts, in July, there was less attendance due to heat waves.”

Valérie Ekoumé is an ‘afropop’ singer whose initial projects allowed her to tour Europe and North America, attending festivals such as Celtics Connection in 2020, Festival International des Nuits d’Afrique or SunFest in Canada. She has not only presented her show in them, but she has also attended to carry out workshops that share the African culture with the audience.

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After releasing ‘Djaalé’ in 2015 and ‘Kwin na kingue’ in 2017, which was acclaimed by the press and the public and entered the top 10 of African music albums and RFI World Music in that same year , brings the public from Cáceres its third album.

His third album, which bears the title of ‘Moné’, was released in May of this same year. In this work he has the collaboration of Guy Nwogang and is aimed at delving into his Cameroonian roots. This results in a series of typical rhythms of the country such as ‘Assiko’ or ‘Essèwè’. Prior to this album, the artist released a single that is included in the same album called ‘Miso na Mudumbu’. She has made collaborations with artists such as Alain Barriere, Coco Mbassi, Papa Wemba or Meiway among others.

Valèrie, Cameroonian and established in France, belongs to a family of musicians. She grew up listening to various styles of music from Congolese rumba to great pop music figures like Michael Jackson. Miriam Makeba and Whitney Houston were her vocal coaches as the artist herself says.

Her life took a turn when she started working actively with Manu Dibango in 2004. It was a great experience for Valérie to be on tour with the Soul Makossa Gang for eight years. She and the following year she joined the American School of Modern Music in Paris, where she already specialized.

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