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The perfect detox juice to lose weight this summer

Summer arrives and we begin to ingest more water and all kinds of liquids to cope with the high temperatures. That is why we propose a detox soda perfect It will help you refresh but it is also healthy and you can include it in your daily diet as it has numerous benefits for the functioning of our body.


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We propose a special combination: cucumber water. The consumption of water is very important for the correct functioning of our organism, if to this healthy habit we add the cucumber benefits we are getting extra nutrients for our body. It should be known that cucumber contains flavonoids and tannins that help to inhibit the negative effects of free radicals, a risk factor for premature aging and chronic diseases.

The perfect detox soda

By combating dehydration, consuming this type of tea can help the following: support kidney functions, improve heart function, improve skin health or prevent headaches caused by dehydration. In addition to the cucumber slices, you can also add other healthy ingredients such as lemon or ginger to get the ideal soda and that will allow you to avoid soda drinks.

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How to prepare cucumber water?

  1. We cut the cucumber into slices. In addition to the cucumber, we can also add some lemon slices that will make your detox drink much tastier.

  2. We mix everything in a container together with some mint leaves and a liter of water.

  3. We let it rest in the fridge for 12 or 24 hours, we strain the water and we have our perfect soda ready for this summer without having to give up a healthy diet.

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