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The perfect season for Quintana

Celebration of the rise of Quintana in a season to remember. / FM


The Martagón team makes history by finishing the course without losing a game with a total of 22 victories and promotion to the First Extremeña

They say that perseverance is one of the greatest virtues of the human being. The RAE defines it as: “remaining constant in the continuation of what has been started, in an attitude or in an opinion” and persevering CD Quintana is not beaten by anyone. This team has not had it easy in recent seasons because, since it was relegated in 2018, its trajectory has been a constant of lights and shadows. Shadows when the defeats accumulated Sunday after Sunday and lights when they managed to reach the promotion phase three consecutive times, without success, but also without throwing in the towel and there has been the secret of this modest football club from Extremadura. A team that is given heart by a group of players who have fought relentlessly driven by an always willing board and dedicated fans.

For this reason, when these days you hear in the huddles or through social networks that “they deserved the promotion”, you have to know that this statement goes beyond a perfect season or an undefeated team, it goes for all those years in those that the feeling each game was that they had to return, whatever it was, to the category from which they should never have left.

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Last Sunday, May 8, that moment came, not without effort, not without work, not without enthusiasm, it came and it did so in a fair and necessary way.

Quintana was promoted to the Extremadura First Division after playing in the playoffs and overwhelming Cacereño B 8-1 (0-5 and 3-1) and Moralo B 6-1 (0-3 and 3-1). A promotion that puts the finishing touch to a season in which they have been proclaimed champions without knowing defeat and where they have conquered every field they stepped on, making a name for themselves in Extremaduran football since no other senior men’s team has achieved such a feat .

The golden age of Quintana, which will be difficult to forget, in which they have achieved everything. A campaign, however, marked by the works in the municipal field, which made the team move away from home in the second round and play in the neighboring towns of Zalamea or El Valle, demonstrating that when you are good, the place does not condition you.

Not the place, but the address, and that’s where the person who promised promotion last August, at the risk of everything, comes into play and has kept his word. The coach, Diego Gallardo ‘Martagón’, has pulled the strings, being the link that has made this team invincible along with his faithful squire, Candi García. «When I returned to the municipal last summer I had no other goal in my head than promotion. They needed him, Quintana too, and it was already a matter of justice. I am very proud of the players, they are of another size and it has been a real pleasure to train them”, declares Diego Gallardo.

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Players who match after match have shown their quality. Footballers of another category, from a distance like Curro who has scored goals for history or Víctor Adame, with more than one hat trick that has driven the fans crazy, Mangui, Damián, Manu, Rober, Bravo, Antonio Huertas, Pota or Roan. All of them involved in the club project feeling the red shield from the beginning and those at home; the captain, Lolo Cartón, always at the forefront, Chema, Saviola, Pedri, César, Fernan Tena, Sosa, Ángel Luis, Alberto or Alejandro Gallardo, firm in their efforts to return the team from their town to the category it deserved.

Today, days after the glory, there is the feeling of having come a long way during these four years, dodging obstacles, falling and getting back up again, but in which only that perseverance has made it possible to never stop believing that the Quintana would be a First team again.

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