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The Peruvian Interior Minister denies that he has suspended the eradication of coca

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The controversial Minister of the Interior of Peru, Luis Barrenzuela, confirmed that I work as a lawyer for Vladimir Cerrón, founder of the party in power Free Peru, in the case that is followed in the State Prosecutor’s Office for money laundering. Cerrón is accused of directing a criminal organization baptized by the judiciary as “the dynamics of the center.”

«It was a rendering of services. I am a legal professional and I was summoned to defend an issue of money laundering (of Mr. Vladimir Cerrón) but that does not relate to me, it does not link me … from this rostrum I want to emphasize that this humble servant has no relationship whatsoever with Cerrón or with the dynamics of the center, “said Barrenzuela on Radio Exitosa.

«I undertook to carry out some procedures as a lawyer (for Vladimir Cerrón) of money laundering, my work history is broader, I am also an expert in organized crime, money laundering and terrorist financing. I consider myself a patriot, as do all Peruvian policemen, “he added.

Peru, Bolivia and Colombia are the countries considered to be the largest coca leaf growers in the world, the main origin of cocaine. For this reason, the United States Government has been developing programs to control its eradication for more than two decades in Peru.

In this regard, the Interior Minister said today on Radio Exitosa that “the coca leaf is not a drug, it is only so when it is processed and converted into hydrochloride.” Of course, Barrenzuela categorically denied that he had suspended the eradication of coca leaf crops: “The eradications continue, they continue. The population must not be misinformed. This minister never, and I repeat, never, has authorized such nonsense because he would be acting against the law. Let me work.

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The feared judicial team that has investigated politicians from the right and left, of which the prosecutor Richard Rojas is a member, included the “legal entity Partido Político Nacional Perú Libre”; the party leader, Vladimir Cerrón, and the former prime minister, Guido Bellido, for appearing in more than one legal wiretapping where he seeks to collect 180,000 euros of bail in favor of Vladimir Cerrón, for the judicial process in which he was convicted of corruption when he was regional governor of Junín between 2011 and 2014.

Last weekend, the Financial Intelligence Unit of Peru froze the accounts of the mother of the founder of Peru Libre, Bertha Rojas, amounting to 1.5 million soles (more than 300,000 euros), at the request of the Prosecutor’s Office for alleged financial irregularity of her son, Vladimir Cerrón.

«For some, we are heroes and for others, we are villains. We are not politicians, what we do is investigate politicians who have allegedly committed serious cases of corruption, money laundering linked to highly organized criminal organizations; We confront them with transparency and with evidence, “said the prosecutor, Rafael Vela.

«Mr. (Vladimir) Cerrón is at the top of that criminal organization. That is the hypothesis that has been established within the money laundering organization, that is, that the political party (Peru Libre) is created to gain power, but at the same time also to attract assets, in such a way that there is a use and instrumentalization of political activity. This does not mean that the adhesions or the voters have known of this type of previous criminal activities, “said Vela.

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Since the President Castillo assumed power, the founder of Peru Libre, Vladimir Cerrón, established himself as the power behind power and from his Twitter account he brags, congratulates, trolls and announces marches against the government of his own party; depending on whether or not things are done his way. Cerrón leads the radical faction within the government that suffered a resounding blow after the departure of Guido Bellido, but whose influence is still important for the ‘president of the hat’, Pedro Castillo.

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