Wednesday, April 10

The Peruvian prosecution opens an investigation against President Castillo

President Peruvian Pedro Castillo has started 2022 with new danger signs around it. After assuming office, on July 28, he went through successive crises that forced him to change the prime minister and 12 of those responsible for the ministries. But now it is the leftist rural teacher who has remained in the sights of the Attorney General, Zoraida Ávalos.

Castle is the subject of a Preliminary investigation for alleged influence peddling related to military promotions, a tender to purchase biodiesel in Petroperú and the construction of a bridge. In fact, the criminal process against Castillo may begin when his term ends, according to the Magna Carta. Only Congress can authorize a trial, but of a political nature.

In any case, the decision taken by the attorney general takes place in the midst of a constant siege against a government that was born weak and in a country that has made institutional instability a natural fact. President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski resigned in 2018 before being fired by Parliament and his successor, Martin Vizcarra, was the target of a vote of no confidence in November 2020. Castillo has prevented the impeachment from succeeding for the moment, although it is a latent possibility. It is in this context that the investigation against him has started.

It all started last October, when the presence of the businesswoman and lobbyist Karelim López in the Government Palace as a companion to a group of businessmen who, a short time later, won million-dollar tenders. The speed of the procedure immediately attracted attention. López’s name, on the other hand, is not unknown to the press. He has had more than fluid relationships with previous governments and has never hidden his sympathy for Keiko Fujimori.

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In its editorial this Wednesday, the newspaper Peru21 he criticized prosecutor Ávalos for undoing with one hand what he did with the other by suspending the investigations until Castillo ends his term. “The decision is inexplicable because Ávalos herself says in her resolution that there are enough indications that could be classified as crimes.” The prosecutor anti-corruption Katherine Ampuero made a similar point: “I open (the investigation), but I don’t investigate. It’s absurd. Urgent and necessary actions must be carried out that seek to secure the probative material from the Public Ministry. ”

New fronts of conflict

After having failed the motion of censure against the president, part of the right-wing opposition, with the Fujimorism In the lead, he begins to target the premier Mirtha Vásquez. But it only seems to be a minor piece of a political chess that seeks to sing checkmate to a social leader who won the first electoral round with 21% of the votes, prevailed in the second against Fujimori by less than 40,000 votes and since he assumed no has respite in the Pizarro Palace.

“The scenario of new confrontational episodes that escalate to vacancy and that the majority of the population agrees with if evidence of corruption is confirmed maintains a high probability. Terrible scenario, by the way,” said Fernando Vivas, a columnist for the newspaper. Lima Trade. In his opinion, an alternative scenario is looming “worse than chaos“That could be derived from an attempted impeachment: an” infamous “pact between the Government and the majority of Congress, based on the granting of mutual favors. For weeks, Castillo has been trying to carry out a” dialogue “with sectors of the opposition to lay the foundations of a governability that he has ignored since the beginning of his presidency.

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“If (Castillo) does not change, it falls,” said analyst César Hildebrant. For his survival, the president would not rule out accelerating his shift to the political center, beyond the disgust of Peru Libre, the traditional left party that anointed him at the time as a candidate by virtue of the role he had played during a teacher conflict.

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