Wednesday, February 24

The Peruvian “vaccinate” takes the positions of 16 officials

Two men unload a box containing doses of the covid-19 vaccines from a truck.

Two men unload a box containing doses of the covid-19 vaccines from a truck.

Government Peruvian he has 16 public officials who were irregularly vaccinated removed from their posts with the doses of Sinopharm, which arrived in the country last year together with those used in the experimental trial, as confirmed by the Prime Minister, Violeta Bermúdez.

After the scandal unleashed by the secret vaccination of former president Martín Vizcarra and two former ministers, the president of the Council of Ministers asked all the workers of the public apparatus to confirm whether they had also been immunized.

“On February 14, we learned that out of 16 officials vaccinated, eight were from the Ministry of Health and eight from Foreign Relations. None of them are already part of the government team,” Bermúdez declared at a press conference.

The head of the cabinet added that two former officials of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers who were vaccinated, one of them was appointed by the Foreign Ministry, and the other was hired by former Prime Minister Walter Martos, under the management of Vizcarra. “Neither of these two officials was hired by my administration, and neither works in the Presidency of the Council of Ministers,” he said.

Officials of the previous and current government

After receiving the list of people who were vaccinated irregularly by the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, in charge of the experimental study of Sinopharm in Peru, the commission in charge of investigating this complaint found an approximate number of public officials benefited from immunization.

“Of the total number of vaccinated people (487), about 25% were civil servants at the time of receiving the vaccine. Currently, none of them are part of the government, “Bermúdez said.

The chief of staff remarked that “no person who has been part of this irregular vaccination may be a member of the board of directors of any public entity” and that, for this reason, the process of separating some people who have been involved in this has begun. complaint.

Bermúdez reiterated the Executive’s indignation over the irregular use of Sinopharm’s experimental vaccines and added that “bad officials cannot stain the work of more than a million public servants of the State.”

Sagasti received the first dose

To come out in front of a series of information that circulates on social networks, Bermúdez expressed that the Peruvian President, Francisco Sagasti, received his first dose of vaccination on February 9, when the official immunization campaign in the country. “It is false that he has received a first dose before. In three weeks he will receive the second dose,” he noted.

Regarding the total number of vaccines that arrived in Peru along with those used in the trial with volunteers, Bermúdez indicated that currently irregular use is known in 487 people “but we know that there were doses for 1,000 people.” “We do not know what the destination is, where those missing doses are. The commission will also request that information,” Bermúdez said. “These additional experimental vaccines have nothing to do with the million (doses) acquired by Peru,” noted the prime minister.

The official vaccination campaign advances

On the other hand, Bermúdez reported that the vaccination process has not stopped and the application of the first dose to 110,000 health professionals on the front line of care.

Regarding the second batch of vaccines in the Peruvian territory, the chief of the cabinet indicated that the distribution process has begun to the regions of Junín, Huancavelica, Tumbes and Lima.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Health, Oscar Ugarte, reported in the press conference after the Council of Ministers that the curve for the national average of infections “continues to increase.” “The areas where the increase is greatest, both in new cases and deaths, is Lima, Callao, Ica and in the central highlands in Huánuco, Pasco, Junín, Huancavelica and Ayacucho,” he said.

Ugarte announced the approval of emergency decrees to deliver an extraordinary bonus for health professionals who provide complementary services, as well as recognition of the costs of transferring and installing personnel transferred to different regions of the country.

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