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The pilot of the chicxs

Dictionary of the RAE.

Dictionary of the RAE.

No. It is not a phrase in Valencian. He’s not referring to “the boys’ ball,” as my grandfather would have said. It is a phrase that currently has, or should, be understood by anyone.

Modern people. The integrated, as they are called in sociology, they have decided that, in order not to have to refer to boys and girls by saying boys and girls, let’s use a new word written with Xs (chicxs) which is, by the way, a misspelling because at the x you have to put two vowels on each side, since the sound of the x it affects the vowel from which it comes and the vowel to which it is directed. They have decided to invent «chicxs»To refer to boys and girls at the same time with a single word. A single word to refer to both sexes. They say that in this way we save economy in language and avoid confusion, that is, we unify. They may be right. Language economy.

The word Pilot is used to designate (according to the RAE): “Person who governs and directs a ship in navigation”. Keyword, Person. Hence we say: «… The airline pilot; the airline pilot or the formula one pilot; the formula one driver ». This people integrated, these “modern», They have also decided that the word Pilot he was missing “something.” A single word to refer to both sexes? No way! This word was missing a letter a in order to differentiate its designation towards man or woman, masculine or feminine, male or female … Thus creating a new (and modern) word that did not exist before, The ball! And surely because it was not necessary. Now we have two words to designate the same professional category. Language economy?

As it seems that we are in a hurry, and we urgently need to economize on Spanish, to the words: suit, uniform, wardrobe, equipment, etc. We also include, to save confusion, the word Outfit, which comes from English. The same thing happens with the words co-worker Y partner to which, to avoid confusion, we have attached the word Co-worker. And I thought I was a gamer myself and it turns out that I’m a Gamer, a Coach and a Influence. The integrated, the chicxs, the modern, they are flattening this world and flattening it (as some in Youtube) to save the rest of us, confusion. Ergonomics of language.

Everything changes … Everything moves … Even the continents. That mountain you are in love with; that valley through which you walk, millions of years ago did not exist, and surely, within millions of years it will have disappeared. But doesn’t logic, common sense, tell us to take care of that valley? Would we set it on fire? Total … we know that in millions of years it will not exist due to plate tectonics that engulfs the planet in a slow, but justified, renewal of its Earth’s crust. Most of us have understood that we have to preserve that valley for you for generations to come. Without rationalizing why.

Just as the oceans are being “improved” with plastic and (most of us) know that we have to act deliberately in order not to fill the world with garbage, why are we filling our Spanish language with unnecessary Anglicisms and acrobatic inventions, to solve problems we didn’t have?

Internet, Social media, massive information channels such as Youtube, Instagram, etc. They are creating what Arturo Pérez-Reverte called in an interview «Contradictory noise». That “noise” is clouding us and that “contradictory” is leading us to commit acts of very doubtful aesthetics and doubtful objective since we are creating solutions to non-existent problems.

Inventing new words, almost daily, whose meaning when explained to people who already learned their language decades before their troublemakers were born is simply heartbreaking.

We have to explain to no one what the phrase means «I have bought a suit to go to the work meeting with my colleagues» but to most people we would have to explain what the phrase means «I bought an outfit to go to the workshop with my co-workers»

¿What can I do? Express myself in my language.

The abusive use of unnecessary anglicisms and «buzzwords»Will give rise to a new universal language that will be spoken all over the world in unison.

The Despair!

Do not touch me the pilots, that the poor already have enough to charge less.

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