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The pioneer Steiner, in PhotoAlicante

The PhotoAlicante international photography festival returns in March to celebrate its ninth call and it does so with the presence of the renowned American photojournalist Lisl Steiner, who will travel from New York to show some of her most outstanding series at the Museum of the University of Alicante ( MUA). Born in 1927 in Vienna but a US citizen, Steiner first lived in Argentina until she moved to New York in the 1960s, where she photographed political and cultural personalities such as Andy Warhol, Martin Luther King, Fidel Castro and Cartier-Bresson. His is one of the best known taken in Times Square after the assassination of John Fitgerald Kennedy in November 1963. His images have been published in magazines and newspapers such as Life, Time, The New York Times and Newsweek. The pioneer in photojournalism plans to travel to Alicante on March 3 to present her exhibition with some of her best-known images and another series on children in South America.

American photographer Lisl Steiner. africaprado

An unexpected time is the title of the motto of this year’s festival, which will be held from March 4 to 27, and which, in the words of the director, Leónidas Spinelli, intends to reflect on the time that has elapsed after recent events, «a time in in which everything is usually quite uncertain and has a certain ephemeral character».

Steiner will be joined by other figures on the national scene such as Cádiz-born Miguel Trillo, one of the fundamental photographers of the Madrid Movida who always focuses on young people, who was to come to the festival canceled at the start of the pandemic and who will now show a series about Asian youth in Las Cigarreras.

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With names yet to be confirmed from other parts of Spain, photographers from the province also participate, such as Carlos Aguilera, who will show his winning project of the Fnac New Talent award, Educandos de Benejúzar, as well as the young Javier Robles and Laura Villamisar, who will exhibit at the Center 14, Amparo Rojas from Alicante with her Tocados series or the Jalea Group, formed by students of the audiovisual communication degree at the Miguel Hernández University.

The festival continues to focus on the photographic exhibition, with a dozen samples, and some artistic interventions in the street, which were eliminated in the last edition, will be recovered with a project to recycle the canvases with the images.

Asian Town.

In addition to the usual sample places, the festival will extend to Sant Joan, San Vicente, El Campello, and “perhaps this year it will reach Elche as well,” suggests Spinelli, who seeks to integrate the young public into other socio-cultural activities complementary to the image with the program Tresce (Create, care, cooperate), where issues such as the climate emergency or equality will be worked on.

Sit how you want.

The BePhoto congress will take place at the beginning of the festival and not at the end, and will include a marathon, a contest and a photographic van through the neighbourhoods. An online channel of specific video and podcast content will also be opened.

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