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The plan with Disney + ads comes as a surprise to the US: you will have to pay much more than before to not see advertising

The consolidation of large streaming players continues to leave significant price increases. Now it has been Disney that has announced Important news for Disney + in the United States, and among them we find a price increase of 37%.

To this, Bob Chapek’s company adds the launch of something else that is no longer a novelty on streaming platforms, a “cheaper” plan with ads. It will be cheaper than the normal plan from its arrival, but the advertised price is the same as the current subscription there since it was launched, $7.99. That is, paying the same as currently, from December American users will see ads. If they don’t want to see ads, you’ll have to pay $10.99.

Changes that aim to become global


In the world of streaming, the changes begin in the United States, but both prices and functions of the offer end up reaching the rest of the countries. In the case of Disney +, in March we already learned that the company’s plans were to launch this subscription with ads, similar to the one that Netflix has been announcing, and that they already have HBO Max, Paramount + or Peacock. In the case of Disney advertising, the operation will be based on seeing four minutes of ads for every hour of content.

As our colleagues at Espinof recall, Disney has already announced that this new plan will reach the international market (that is, outside the United States) in 2023. At the time of announcing the new changes, the company has not provided new information on markets such as the ours, but it is expected that, together with the arrival of advertising, the price of the normal plan will also rise in euros (although it must be remembered that in Europe, Disney + already increased in price at the time of integrating the Star content).

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Disney+ promised that the ad-supported plan would be cheaper. And it will be, but only because the plan without ads goes up in price

In terms of subscribers, Disney + does not seem to notice the crisis that is affecting Netflix at the moment, although users from countries such as India, where the subscription is much cheaper with Disney+ Hotstar. As of today, they claim to have 152.1 million subscribers, having added 14.4 million this quarter and exceeding expectations.

Of course, they had previously announced that by the end of 2024 they expected to have between 230 and 260 million subscribers on Disney +. Now, they estimate that the highest figure will be 245 million. Namely, expect growth to slow.

At the level of all its platforms, including Hulu and ESPN+, the company boasts of having 221.1 million subscriberswhich puts Disney ahead of the giant Netflix, which today has 220.67 million global users.

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Christine McCarthy, CFO of Disney, said that, excluding Disney+ Hotstar, by the end of 2024 they expect to have between 135 and 165 million users, which indicates that the service comparable to Netflix is ​​still much further away than the aggregate figures reflect. And it is important, because no market is as profitable as the United States and Canada.

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