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The Plasencia City Council has unpaid bills since 2015 for 600,000 euros, according to the PSOE

The municipal spokesman for the PSOE, Alfredo Moreno, at a press conference this morning. / DAVID PALMA

The socialist spokesman denounces the economic damage to suppliers and the waste that the PP makes of public money

Ana B. Hernandez

Plasencia City Council owes up to 600,000 euros today to suppliers to whom works or services have been commissioned and who, however, have not been paid for the work carried out. The socialist spokesman, Alfredo Moreno, publicly denounced this situation this morning at a press conference in which he accused the PP of wasting public money.

“We are talking about hundreds of invoices from 2015 to the present that have not been paid yet,” he pointed out. Extrajudicial invoices, which have not followed the correct procedure therefore, which are pending payment and which add up to around 600,000 euros, according to Moreno.

“But we don’t know how many more are in the drawers,” he also indicated. “We know that in the first quarter of the year the PP has paid almost 200 pending invoices for about 80,000 euros, but there are hundreds left for at least 600,000 euros.” For this reason, “in addition to requesting immediate payment, we are also going to demand in writing that all the invoices that are in the drawers at this point come to light.”

Alfredo Moreno defends the need to end a practice that “does significant economic damage to suppliers, to companies that do not charge for the work they do, but also shows that this council is delinquent.” Because although there are many invoices that are paid in a timely manner, “there are many that fail to meet the deadline of 30 days for this payment, so the average in the Plasencia City Council is around 100 days,” he denounced.

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Interest and costs

But, in addition, the extrajudicial invoices that the Placentino Consistory adds “are assuming a waste of public money.” This is the case, Moreno explained, because there are suppliers who, “tired of waiting, resort to legal proceedings” to get the city council to pay them what they are owed. “And the court logically agrees with them and we find that the council not only has to pay that bill, but also interest and court costs.” And then it happens, for example, “that for an invoice of 17,270 euros in the end we pay 21,669 euros, because to the initial amount we must add 2,898 euros for interest and 1,500 more for costs.”

The socialist spokesman has denounced this situation, has demanded that it be ended, that suppliers be paid what is owed to them and that the opinion of the public employees who are in charge of supervising be heeded, “because it is not being done” .

In this sense, Alfredo Moreno has detailed that the PP has approved in recent days two minor contracts with unfavorable reports from Intervention and the Secretary, “because they are annual contracts that must be put out to tender and that, however, are not done ».

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