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“The Plasencia City Council lies when it says that it does not raise taxes”, criticizes the PSOE

Alfredo Moreno, spokesman for the socialist municipal group in the Plasencia City Council. / today

Alfredo Moreno affirms that with Pizarro as mayor, “the IBI has risen by 60% and the IAE by 126%, and the water will now rise by 4%”

Antonio J Armero

The socialist municipal group in the City Council of Plasencia accused this Wednesday the PP government team of lying when it ensures that it does not raise taxes. «Since 2011 -when Fernando Pizarro became mayor-, the IBI (Real Estate Tax) has risen by 60%, the IBI for special characteristics by 87% and the IAE (Tax on Economic Activities) by 126%, but these are things that neither the mayor nor his councilors talk about, “said Alfredo Moreno, who also anticipated that” the rates of water, purification and sewerage will rise by 4.47% each.

This latest increase, said the PSOE spokesman in the city, will be approved in the municipal plenary session next Tuesday, the 7th, and is a consequence, Moreno assured, of the need to extend the contract to the UTE (Temporary Union of Companies) awarded the contract. service, since it expires but a new public tender has not been called. “In these eleven years that they have been governing they have not had time to call the tender, and thus avoid having to extend the contract in the conditions in which it is going to be done,” said the socialist spokesman, for whom the reason for this situation “that We will pay all citizens is the incompetence of the current municipal government team.

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As he explained, the UTE of the water service has accepted the municipal request to continue providing its services in exchange for the increases that it requested in past years and were not met. “The company – detailed Alfredo Moreno – requested a rise of 1.6% in 2017, 2.2% in 2018 and 0.67% in 2021, and the sum of these three percentages, that is, 4 .47%, is the rise in rates that we people from Placentino are going to pay». In that sequence, the years 2019 and 2020 are missing. In the first of them, the company “did not ask for a price increase because its costs fell by 4.3%,” according to the spokesman for the main opposition party in the Consistory.

Contract to finger and inflated data

Moreno also assured that the Consistory “hand-picked a company, Ingeagua, to prepare a report that would clarify whether it should attend to the UTE’s request to raise rates, and this company issues its conclusions despite the fact that it itself indicates that the company has not provided all the information requested.

In fact, “the UTE presented inflated numbers for that Ingeagua report,” said the Socialist spokesman on Wednesday, who lamented “that the City Council is going to give the water company an extension of the contract.” «And we are talking about a joint venture -added Moreno- that in fifteen years has not complied with the price reduction for large families and pensioners included in the contract, that has not completed the investments it must make in the city, that in the first four months of the year adds six fines from the Tajo Hydrographic Confederation for discharges into the Jerte River, and that in the same time has been sentenced five times for patrimonial responsibility, that is, for causing economic damage to citizens ».

“The legislature is going to end without the water contract going out to tender, because there is not going to be time to do it,” anticipated the PSOE spokesman, for whom “the municipal government is totally exhausted, bored, has no initiative, does not give more of himself.”

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