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the players feel discriminated against and will not go to the Spanish championship



Just a few days before the start, the celebration of the Spanish women’s paddle championship is in the air. A complaint from the players’ association has left the table emptyThey have decided not to play it after learning that some of the players were going to be paid a fixed fee for playing the tournament and that they were not going to receive it. Discrimination that they consider very serious and that has led them to “make a painful but necessary decision.”

“Most of the professional players were registered for the tournament when we found out that some boys had been given an incentive to participate. We consider that in a Spanish Championship where they wanted to show and show off the equality of prizes for both categories because this was an unacceptable gesture, since in reality that equality was not such. Women’s sport has suffered a lot on all sides and that is why, this time, the players are going to go hand in hand with the association to give firmness and strength to our voice. We have decided that this situation could not be, that it was an unacceptable contempt and that we no longer wanted any type of compensation», explica a ABC Patty llaguno, spokesperson for the association.

According to the complaint made public, a few days ago they learned that the organization had planned to pay an incentive to the best national players to attend the Spanish championship that is scheduled for its final phase from October 27 to 31 in Madrid. It was an attempt to polish a male painting that, unlike the female one, is very touched by the lack of references. In fact, only three of the top ten in the world are Spanish, while eight of the ten in the women’s ranking are national, including Llaguno herself, number six on the World Padel Tour.

Firm and irrevocable decision

The federation, with which this newspaper has contacted without having obtained a response, in the version of the association itself, claims that it was unaware of the situation because the organization had entrusted it to an external company. When the complaint reached them, he called an emergency meeting to try to fix the situation, but it was too late. «It is not that they put a firm proposal on the table. They did want to reach an agreement with us, but in the end it is not a question of money, but of ways. Therefore, we voted and decided not to participate in the tournament jointly. A firm and irrevocable decision and that, unfortunately, there is no going back, “says Llaguno, hurt by what happened and not being able to be at the WiZink in four days.

“It hurts us the most not to play. We are the first to want to participate in a Spanish Championship, but we believe that what has happened is serious enough to make this decision. There was no room for a negotiation after the damage that had been done, “says the player.

As ABC has learned, the money bag for prizes in each category was around 30,000 euros. A figure similar to that of some women’s tournaments of the
World Padel Tour
, but very far from what is usually distributed in a masculine one. This difference is what would have prompted the organizing company of Nacional to offer incentives to some players, who had been offered a fixed price of around 5,000 euros for participating in the tournament. A figure that had not even been put on the table of the players and that has caused their anger and resignation. “We are very sorry for the people who have bought the tickets, but we believed that this decision had to be made,” says Llaguno, voice of all the professionals who have left the Nacional box empty, whose celebration is on the air.

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