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The players of Spain: “We have given everything, we have tried to the end”

The captain of the Spanish team, Sergio Busquets, has ensured that the team has shown “much more” football than Italy and that they have been “superior” in the semifinals of the Eurocup, in which the ‘Azzurra’ has achieved the pass to the final in the penalty shootout, and said that this group has “a lot to say” and that they will go back to “fight for what they deserve”.

We wanted the tournament to not end today, to end on Sunday with a victory.a, but that’s how football is. The team has been very good, we have been better at almost every moment, we have had chances. We have not deserved to be behind on the scoreboard. The team has taken pride and it is the pride that I feel for all the teammates and the team. It’s a shame, but that’s how penalty shootouts are, “he said in statements to the media after the game.

In this sense, he stressed that they have offered “much more” football than Italy. “Our game with the ball has predominated, recovering as soon as possible … They are also a very good team. In general, we have been superior. The penalty shoot-out is a pity, there is no other choice but to congratulate them,” he said.

Everyone favored Italy, but we have shown that we have been superior and that this team has a lot to say. This will help the majority, for which it was their first tournament, gain a lot of experience. It is sure to be of great use to us. In future tournaments the team is going to come back and fight for what it deserves, which is to win titles, “he continued.

In addition, the FC Barcelona midfielder is already watching the Qatar World Cup. “There is a year and a half left, but this is the way. This will serve to have an important experience. There is a great team, a great staff, a great group. We have not been able to finish it as we would have liked, but we have to be proud of this selection, “he said.

Finally, Busquets did not want to talk about the possibility that this could have been his last game with the national team. “This is not the time to think about me. It is time to be sad and at the same time proud of this team. We have to face the future with great optimism, it does not matter if I am here or not, “he concluded.

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The Italy-Spain match, in pictures

Alba, “proud”

Jordi Alba, Barcelona’s left back and second captain of Spain in Euro 2020, acknowledged that the elimination in the semifinals against Italy is “a hard blow” and assured that they deserved to pass and that he was “proud” of the performance of the team.

“We deserved a little more, the other day we beat (Switzerland on penalties) and this time there was no such fortune, I am proud of the teammates, the staff, the coach. We have formed a very human group. We are screwed“, said the azulgrana, who thanked the support of all the fans in all the parties.

“We have played face to face against one of the best teams I remember from Italy and right now from Europe. We have deserved a few more goals. It was a very close match between two teams that have played face to face and it is to be proud of the team, “he insisted.

Alba explained that she has been “in the national team for nine or ten years and I haven’t seen such a group for a long time.” “It annoys you to lose, but it hurts even more because of the illusion that I saw the whole expedition, the players, the group that we have formed, which may not be seen from the outside. I have been in magnificent changing rooms and what you breathe here is difficult to match, “he said.

The Barcelona player considered that Spain, with a view to the Qatar 2022 World Cup, has shown that with young people who have had such a good performance, there are good prospects, although “it will be seen, because surely there will also be important teams such as Argentina, Brazil and others, but we will have to try to be there and play a good role. ”

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“They had to throw us on penalties. People have to be proud of this Spain. We have left everything, we have worked a lot, we have gone through many difficulties and we have been there. The team has had a great Euro Cup, “added Alba, who is on” gasoline “to continue in the national team and be in the World Cup.

“Hopefully I can make it. I look good. Physically I look much better than other years. The coach already knows me, I know what he wants at all times. When I do not give the level or the coach decides that I do not give the level I will not come again, but I think I can give much more to the team and my club, “he added.

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The best images of the Italy-Spain penalty shoot-out

“Hopefully this is the beginning of something very big.”

Eric García, defender of the Spanish national team, admitted on Tuesday that the team is “screwed” by the elimination in Euro 2020 against Italy at Wembley, although he stressed the merits of his team to reach the final and stressed his hope that “it is the beginning of something very big. ”

“We have controlled the whole game and in the end on penalties today we have not had the fortune that we had the other day. We are very screwed up. I think the team deserved to get here and reach the final, because from the beginning we have passed very hard moments, we have had a very hard-working and winning mentality and this has been shown in the end. We have to hold our heads high and think that hopefully this is the beginning of something very big, “he said.

“With the experienced players that we have, the experience they have, and the youngsters, we have made an incredible group, with a winning, hard-working mentality and hopefully it will be the beginning of something very great,” insisted Eric Garcia at the end of the match at Wembley.

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Laporte: “Seeing teammates fail penalties is what hurts me the most”

The defender Aymeric Laporte He highlighted the role played by the Spanish team despite falling in the semifinals against Italy, but regretted the situation in which the “teammates who failed in the penalty shootout” find themselves after the defeat.

“What hurts the most is seeing teammates fail in the shootout. It’s what hurts me the most. We have only been together for about a month but we are all very close and that has made a difference so far. We are a family and that is why we have come so far, “Laporte said.

“We have proven to be a great team with great players despite our youth. We have shown resources, enthusiasm and ambition and I hope that in the next tournament we will do better although this has been good,” recalled the Manchester City defender.

Laporte stressed that the Spanish team had confidence from the beginning. “From the first game we trusted our group. We made good games in the group stage and they tied us. You can’t win every game 3-0 but we have proven to be a very strong team with beautiful football. It couldn’t be but we played. very good, “he said.

“In the end we played spectacular football and we are happy with the effort despite not having won,” Laporte insisted. “We have come this far. Stronger teams on paper and have fallen before. We wanted to go all the way. Italy was a great rival and we tried to the end,” he added.

Laporte praised the coach. “A Luis Enrique I owe him a lot and he has proven to be a great coach and lead the group to perfection. There were many changes, including mine, and the group that we managed to do is spectacular, “he said.

The players from Spain, after falling against Italy in the semi-finals. LAURENCE GRIFFITHS

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