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The playoff goes through the New Nursery

Badajoz appeals to the effect of the New Nursery to keep their playoff options alive. / PAKOPÍ

Badajoz faces three consecutive games at home this April that can certify their candidacy to get into the promotion phase

Javier Perez

Badajoz turns the proverb upside down and endorses the fact that in April, a thousand matches will be played at the Nuevo Vivero. After the trip against SD Logroñés, the team from Badajoz has the whole month ahead of them with matches at home. The black and whites will receive Calahorra without leaving home this Saturday, Unionistas on Easter Sunday and Bilbao Athletic on Saturday, April 30.

The road to the playoff goes through the New Nursery. Badajoz wants to take advantage of this situation that the calendar holds for them to give the final blow to get hooked on the promotion phase. The visit to Extremadura scheduled for Sunday April 24 on matchday 33 allows for this carousel of matches without having to get on the bus and have the added support of their unconditional fans.

The black and white dressing room stops worrying about permanence and talk of the playoff is already beginning. Even Isaac Jové’s moderate speech abandons his prudence and embraces more ambitious challenges. “He is going to depend on us”, the coach dares to respond in these last two weeks when he is questioned about the possibilities of getting into the top five. Badajoz is fully involved in the race. Jové himself recognized it before leaving for Logroño and after the draw that goal is closer. After the final whistle in Las Gaunas, the point tasted like little and left a feeling of letting the goal slip away after the previous afternoon’s defeats by Rayo Majadahonda and UD Logroñés. But Celta B could not win either and the people from Badajoz are one point closer to fifth place.

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go for 12 points

The playoff is back to 5 points. Badajoz intends to play full in the three consecutive games at home and add 12 in a row counting on those of Extremadura. A loot that would shoot to the top of the leaderboard. The black and white team is aware that it is facing a unique opportunity. For this reason, he asks for the support of his fans in this final sprint where the New Nursery is presented as a decisive factor to enter the coveted playoff. There are 8 frenetic days left with multiple direct confrontations. Badajoz has 5 games at its stadium and only two away from home, on May 7 against Valladolid Promesas and on May 22 against UD Logroñés on the penultimate day, in addition to having 3 points from Extremadura. An insurance that his three rivals have already charged above. The accounts come out.

On this day, the sky-blue subsidiary hosts Sanse at the same time on Saturday, the Majariego team hosts Talavera on Sunday and the La Rioja team hosts Tudelano on Friday. Badajoz is clear that there is no margin for error and they cannot lose in this final stretch. But they must not be neglected and they also have to look behind because Unionistas, one below, will add the three points for Extremadura and overtake them.

The Calahorra match is another of the finals that the Black and Whites have left. Located just behind a point of Badajoz threatens to assault the New Nursery to rush their options to get into the ointment. Good memories of the La Rioja team are kept among the Badajoz fans due to the promotion in 2017 to Segunda B, although on their only visit to the Nuevo Vivero in that unforgettable playoff they managed to get a disturbing draw in the first leg. Five years later, a promotion is not at stake, but a place to be able to climb another step in Spanish football is. Badajoz already dreams.

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