Wednesday, December 6

The plenary session of Orihuela unanimously rejects the change of the name of the UMH

The motion of Popular Party (PP) which requires not to modify the name of the Miguel Hernández University To add the location of Elche in its acronym, it became an institutional proposal yesterday, which was supported by all the formations with representation in the plenary session: in addition to the PP, your partner of Citizens, PSOE, Cambiemos and Vox. Rafael Almagro, PP spokesman, thanked yesterday for this institutional support because once the motion reaches the UMH cloister, the proposal will have “greater relevance with that consensus of all Oriolan political forces.”

The institutional motion is the response to the approval in plenary session of Elche, also unanimously, with institutional character, of a motion proposed by Compromís, and also supported by the PP (of Elche), for the UMH to add the name “of Elche “And the” E “for Elche in its initials to be called UMHE. Orihuela, which has the oldest university campus in the province in the Polytechnic School of Desamparados, integrated in the UMH, and the Las Salesas campus, asks the cloister and the rector not to modify the statutes of creation of the university and It takes the opportunity to demand more degrees, investments – such as the buildings pending since 1998 of “Gallo Crisis” and “Ballads of Absences” in Las Salesas, that the Oriolano City Council is recognized as the owner of both campuses, and greater Oriolana representation in decision-making bodies of the UMH.

This unanimous proposal, however, rolled down the most controversial point on the agenda: the modification of the public price ordinance of the drinking water supply concessionaire that will triple from 2022 what the neighbors will pay for the meter reader. At this point, Mayor Emilio Bascuñana (PP) had to use his casting vote to prevent an amendment to the entire point presented by Cambiemos from going ahead. The justified absence of three councilors of Cs produced a tie to votes with the partners of government of the PP-Cs on the one hand; and PSOE, Let’s change, and this time, Vox, for the other. Cambiemos presented an amendment, shared by the rest of the opposition, considering that the concessionaire should assume the cost of the change from analogue to digital meters as an improvement in its own management. The mayor Javier Gracia assured that the firm will enter 1.5 million per year by charging 4 euros per quarter for the new digital reader. He also recalled that in the municipal technical reports that endorse the decision, there is no study of the savings that the personnel who stop checking the meters will suppose for Hidraqua.

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The PP spokesman, Rafael Almagro said that these counters represent a very important advance from the technological point of view because they will save users a lot of money in the detection of leaks and remarked that the change in the ordinance is endorsed by the technicians.

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