Friday, May 27

The plenary session of Sant Joan approves the bases of the Plan Resistir

The session of Extraordinary and urgent plenary session of February 19, 2021 held in Sant Joan d’Alacant has approved the regulatory bases for granting the Paréntesis aids included in the Resistir Plan, regulated by Decree-Law 1/2021 of January 22 of the Consell. This plan provides for a tripartite contribution between the Conselleria (62.5%), the Alicante Provincial Council (22.5%) and the Santjoaner consistory (15%). The mayor’s office has requested an advance payment of the amount to be delivered by the Generalitat. And from the consistory they explain that this regional part will be added, predictably in the next Ordinary Plenary Session at the end of the month, the local contribution of 126,350 euros, waiting for the arrival of the amount corresponding to the provincial contribution that, if delayed, it will also be anticipated by the city council.

All parties have given their support except Vox. The councilor of Economic Development and Trade, Manel Giner, as editor of the bases, regrets the lack of support and explains that “in today’s plenary session he has not given any constructive and positive contribution to the document, a fact that has been made by the rest of the political forces as the current situation made mandatory. economic and social alarm, but, as usual, they have focused on the generation of noise in an attempt to orient the debate towards their interest as a party rather than the item on the agenda. Faced with this habitual tension in the far-right formation, the responsibility and commitment to the common benefit manifested by all the rest of the political arc with representation has prevailed, which has been thanked for their positive vote ”.

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The next step is the publication of the bases in the Official Gazette of the Province (BOP). After the publication and after the 15 working days period for the exhibition, in case of allegations, the text of the bases will be definitively approved. The legal and audit reports are then made and the Decree will be republished in the BOP and a period of 15 working days will start for the presentation of applications.

The area details that the applications will be disseminated, after their evaluation and analysis, on the notice board of the Electronic Headquarters indicating the concession, the denial or the correction, as the case may be. In the latter case, there will be a period of 7 working days to proceed to make allegations or remedies, after which the resolution and payment of the aid granted will be carried out. “In this way, by making a single communication, we have shortened the administrative deadlines that otherwise would have caused the indeterminate delay of the concession until the last notification had been opened.

“The council has turned to the rapid adaptation of the bases to the reality of our municipality, which has allowed its provisional approval within a period of 15 days in coincidence with the rest of the municipalities,” the councilor reported, “having already planned the edition of some second bases to proceed to the distribution of the possible surplus of this edition of the Resistir Plan, as well as a second edition of the Direct Aid to Commerce and Restoration and the pioneering program in the province of Consumer Bonds, so demanded by merchants and restaurateurs and to whom I wish we can dedicate the largest possible amount of money, ”says Giner.

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Advance the procedures

The council has suggested to the applicants that while this administrative procedure takes place they advance the obtaining of digital certificates, since only the application is admitted by this means, as well as the different documents to be up to date with the different administrations as indicated by the General Subsidies Law and its Regulations, proving this point ex officio in relation to the obligations with the local administration.

“The Local Development Agency #IDEAS remains, as it has been doing since the announcement of our incorporation to the Plan, at the entire disposal of the self-employed and micro SMEs to solve for them or their representatives any doubts they may have through the usual telephones and channels” .

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