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The PNV believes that it will not be possible to decide if the state of alarm ends without the May data

The PNV spokesman in Comngreso, Aitor Esteban.

The PNV spokesman in Comngreso, Aitor Esteban.

The PNV spokesman in the Congress of Deputies, Aitor Esteban, believes that it will not be possible to decide if the alarm state ends without data on the evolution of covid-19 at the beginning of May and without speaking beforehand with the representatives of the autonomous communities.

The jeltzale leader has referred, in this way, to the statements made by President Pedro Sánchez that this Tuesday He assured that the objective of his Executive is that, “once the deadline of May 9 has expired, it is not necessary to further extend the state of alarm.”

In an interview with the Ganbara program on Radio Euskadi, Esteban pointed out that we will have to wait for Sánchez to appear in Congress on April 14, in which he will give explanations about the current state of alarm, to see if the Government maintains his intention to terminate it on May 9.

In any case, has pointed out that “you have to see what happens and what numbers” exist on covid cases at the beginning of next month. In his opinion, it will be then when a “more serene” decision can be made and after having spoken with all the institutional leaders.

“If there is one thing that has been clear to us throughout the pandemic, it is that making predictions and announcements emphatically is not usually a good idea because there may be data and situations that suddenly appear and overwhelm us,” he said.

Therefore, he has said that I wish the state of alarm could be lifted at the beginning of May because everything is normalizing. “We are going to wait a few weeks yet to see how all this ends,” he added.


The jeltzale leader believes that Pedro Sanchez “has come forward” with its announcement of the possible end of the state of alarm. “I suppose they will have a communicative pattern and to generate certain effects just after Easter, but to me these announcements, speaking of what we are talking about, in such a complicated health, social and political context, seem a bit hasty. We are going to see how things evolve and see if, indeed, the President of the Government maintains that intention because he has said that this is the objective, but we are going to see what concrete in the coming weeks, “he indicated.

Aitor Esteban recalled that Vaccine management is carried out directly by the State with the EU and “the autonomous communities are not allowed to participate.” “Certainly, there have been shortcomings in this management by the EU itself,” he remarked.

Therefore, he has said that I hope that the announcements made by the President of the Government regarding the upcoming arrivals of thousands of vaccines in the next few weeks “one hundred percent will be fulfilled” and that the supply is sufficient to accelerate the vaccination campaign.

Esteban has said that the logical thing is that Pedro Sánchez, before talking about the possible end of the state of alarm, would have spoken with those responsible for the autonomous communities to feel how the situation was seen among all and adopt a decision. “He has preferred to make an announcement unilaterally. Things of these we have seen a few throughout these months,” he recalled.

As he stressed, everyone is hoping that this situation ends as soon as possible, but “this happens because the supply of vaccines is sufficient.”

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