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The podium places are defined on a day marked by the wind




The strong wind has conditioned the second day of the Alicante Nautical Week, in which only two tests have been completed for the ILCA, the only class that has sailed in the Alicante bay. Even and despite this, the results produced allow us to provisionally define the podium places, while in the rest of the classes: Formula Kite and 420, the margins in the arrival positions are short, so everything will be decided in the third and last day.

Juan Santos assumes command in the ILCA 4

The ILCA 4 have completed two tests, equality and change of leader at the end of this second day, with the Altea Juan Santos (CN Altea) assuming the leadership of the fleet with partial 3-1.

Santos has removed his worst result, when discarding comes into play, so that 11th place achieved in the second test yesterday allows him to be the leader with 7 points.

With only one difference is Adriana Castro (2-3), being the first female in the table, while the Valencian Pablo Bellver (RCN Valencia), with partial 1-2 is third to 4 behind the leader.

Mariano Cebrián tips the balance in his favor at ILCA 6

Mariano Cebrián (CN Benidorm) and Tadeo Samorodny (RCR Alicante) arrived together as leaders to this second day at ILCA 6. With two closed races and the discarding, Cebrián has allowed Cebrián to tip the balance in his favor, thanks to two very worked tests, although in better at the start with his second partial victory in Alicante, while in the second he has not surpassed the fourth place, which leaves him with 7 points.

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Samorodny, with 8 points, has been irregular with a worked second place in the first test, although in the second and when he loaded the streak he got to exceed 22 knots, they did not get better that 10th place, taking their toll. Provisional bronze for Ascen Roca (RCN Torrevieja) with a total of 15 points. The Torrevieja is the first in absolute feminine.

Suárez, intractable with two new victories in ILCA 7

The Altea Gonzalo Suárez (CN Altea) has once again imposed his law in Alicante. On this second day he has added two new partial triumphs, five out of five and he is already the virtual champion of the Alicante Nautical Week.

Behind the same seats are maintained as on the opening day. Jorge Gonzalvez (RCR Alicante) is second with 9 points, 5 behind the leader, and Adolfo Virgili (RCR Santiago de la Ribera), third with 10 points.

Alex Climent, leads the national in Formula Kite

Alex Climent (El Portet Dénia) is the leader in the kite fleet, followed by the Dutch Sam Aban and Sven Van de Kamp. The fleet, which has remained on land today without being able to navigate, hopes to be able to complete the program of 5 tests, although the committee does not rule out doing some more.

Campos y Codoñer leads 420 with a completed test

In the double youth fleet 420, with only one race completed and unable to navigate today, Miguel Campos (RCR Alicante) and Simón Codoñer (RCN Valencia) are leaders, followed by two representatives of CN Altea: Guillem Serrat and Aleksis Tjurins and Santos Santiago García and Jorge Pau Quevedo.

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