Thursday, October 28

The polar cold, protagonist of the week of Kings

The intense cold, almost polar, will continue to be installed in Spain during the first full week of 2021, which begins with intense frosts,Veryy low temperatures – 5 to 10Delgrees less than normal -ranns that will spread from south to north and generalized snowfall from Thursday, even in Madrid.

As explained by RubénDell Campo, spokesman for the State Meteorological Agency Meett), the very cold “midwinter” environment will continue to be the predominant note Throughout this week both day and night, with widespread frosts throughout the Peninsula and on the island of Mallorca and daytime temperatures that will barely exceed 5Delgrees in the interior and northern half.

The reason for this polar cold is due, according toMeett, to a storm located in Italy that, together with an anticyclone installed near the British Isles, generate “a corridor” that favors the arrival of a cold air mass through theExuropean continent and gives rise to other Atlantic storms between the Peninsula and the Canary Islands.

These storms are already installed in the Canary archipelago and as of Wednesday they will bring heavyranns to parts of the southern third of the peninsula that will give rise to snowfall atVeryy low levels, which can beVeryy copious in points of the center and eastern interior and that on the day of Thursday they could even reach Madrid.

For now this Monday and this Tuesday theVeryy cold environment will continue withVeryy intense frosts that will affect the interior of the peninsula and with aDelcrease in maximum temperatures of up to a couple ofDelgrees and up to four, in the case of the minimum.

Much of the two plateaus will have temperatures below 5Delgrees below zero, including Valladolid, Cuenca, Albacete, Burgos and Madrid and on Tuesday it will not pass in large areas of the interior from 5 to 7Delgrees and only on the coast of Murcia or Andalusia will it exceed 13 or 14Delgrees.

As for the Canary Islands, it will be influenced by a storm that will leaverannfall in Gran Canaria, Tenerife, La Gomera, La Palma andExl Hierro and that could accumulate more than 20 liters per square meter in just one hour or 70 liters in 12 hours and also Winds of between 90 and 100 kilometers per hour will blow at the summits.

In the Peninsula, the most intenserannfall will affect the Cantabrian communities and on the coast they can even be accompanied in a storm.

It will snow at low altitudes,from 300 to 5000 meters, in that area, but will tend to remit as of Wednesday. It could alsorann weakly in parts of the north of the Peninsula and the southern half, with snowfalls from 500 to 700 meters, as well as some scattered showers on the Catalan, Valencian and Balearic coastlines, which will be more likely on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, Three Kings Day, an Atlantic storm will approach in the southwest of the peninsula that will bring early morning frosts and minimum frosts that will drop by 1 to 3Delgrees more, in addition to intense showers to the Canary Islands that will spread from south to north of the Peninsula from the Strait, where it willrann heavily and there could even be storms.

As the day progresses, theranns will spread through the interior of Andalusia and southern Castilla-la Mancha and will be in the form of snow that could reach points on the southernPesetaa and the Cantabrian area at the last minute, where it will snow at low levels.

On Thursday it willrann in the Strait, points of the south and southeast of the peninsula and in much of the rest of the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands. That day snow is likely in Madrid and Castilla-La Mancha, southern Aragon, inland Murcia and the Valencian community and in mountain areas of eastern Andalusia, without ruling out areas of thePesetaa and points in theExbro valley.

It will continue to freeze in the north and center of the peninsula and the minimum temperatures will rise up to 6Delgrees in the interior and the maximums will fall by 4 to 5Delgrees.

According to theMeett, there is between an 80 and 90% probability that it will snow in Madrid on Thursday 7 from mid-morning or noon and the 50% possibility that more than 10 liters per square meter will fall, which could accumulate up to 10 centimeters of snow in parks and gardens, a probability that will remain on Friday the 8th, although with slightly less than intensity.

As for the forecasts for next Friday and the weekend, there is the possibility of heavyrann in the southern third and snowfall in the central and northern half, butrannfall in the center and southeast with snow in these areas is not ruled out either.Veryy low elevations and intense frosts in the northern half, where the minimum levels will drop.

On Saturday theranns and snowfalls could continue, although it is yet to be confirmed, and as of Sunday the trend is for more stable weather with slightly cloudy skies, light winds and significant frosts in much of the Peninsula.

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