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The police alerted in June of the danger faced by David, the minor disappeared in Madrid

Macarena and Antonio David in a photo shared on social networks.

Macarena and Antonio David in a photo shared on social networks.

David wears missing since September 13. Nobody, except his mother, Macarena, knows if he is alive or dead. The woman says she left the child, a dependent adolescent with a 91 percent disability, dead next to his wheelchair in a garbage container near Madrid. CASO ABIERTO, the events and investigation channel of the Prensa Ibérica newspapers, has learned that three months before of the event, agents of the National Police of his town, Morón de la Frontera (Seville) already warned of the “deficient conditions” in which the child lived with his mother, diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

The policemen of the Family and Minor Care Unit (UFAM) sent to the Morón city council a letter dated July 16 in which they alerted the Social Services. They pointed to the “decaying hygienic sanitary conditions “ in which was Macarena’s son. The investigators who have tried to find the young man since his disappearance have obtained this letter and asked the municipal social worker in charge of monitoring the family.

Without staff

The official admitted that she was aware of the existence of this trade, but said she was pending report about the situation of Macarena and her son David. The report was delayed, this worker declared, because it was about a “low risk” family and because during the summer there was not enough staff in the department to do it. This social worker explained that in that period of time David’s mother carried out some procedures with total normality, such as the renewal of a parking card last August 20.

The woman had been known to Morón’s social services since 2002, when she first came for help. Their second son, David, was born in 2005 with a 91 percent disability. In 2017, Macarena, who had been the mother of a girl, suffered a psychotic break and was admitted a few weeks in a psychiatric facility. So she stopped going to social services for fear that custody of her son might be taken away from her.

The social worker told the police that the woman, whom she defined as “a mother overturned with her children, whom she would never harm“He had never caused problems and he came back for help in December 2020.

Radical change

After the police report in which they were alerted to the living conditions of the woman and her son, the official did notice a radical change in Macarena’s behavior. He remembered seeing her on August 20 with a large crucifix on the chest and that she had completely changed her way of speaking: “more cultured and educated, practically learned.” Since that day, he has not seen her again.

There was no sign of risk to David’s life, they say from Social Services, except for that letter sent by the National Police in July. The heads of the department indicate in a report that appears in the open murder investigation in the Morón court that “it was planned to prepare from the Basic Zone of these Social Services the Referral Report to the Family Intervention Program given that due to the work carried out during all this time with the mother of the minor and because there were no previous reports of risk communicated by other Public Organizations (educational, health, judicial…) it was not considered urgent attention “.

The date on which this report on David and his mother was to be made was, according to the official letter sent to the court, on September 14. A day before, David’s mother claims that her son had died and she left him in a container. The woman is still in the psychiatry unit of the Segovia hospital and the police try to find her son, dead or alive.


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