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The Police are considering the economic motive in the death of the ONCE saleswoman in Albacete

The Police are considering the economic motive in the death of the ONCE saleswoman.

The Police are considering the economic motive in the death of the ONCE saleswoman.

The National Police considers the economic motive as the cause of the death of María Isabel de la Rosa, the ONCE coupon seller whose body was found this Tuesday, sandwiched, in the house of the detainee and alleged perpetrator of the events, in Albacete.

In a statement sent this Friday, the Police explained that “Everything indicates” that the detainee and María Isabel had an argument, apparently motivated by money that the man owed the victim, and at one point, he gave her a shove, she fell backward and received a blow to the head “that ended her life instantly.”

Before what happened, the man hid the body by walling it up in a small room located at the back of the house, for which he bought bricks, cement and sand, and made a cubicle in which he introduced the corpse and then covered it with cement on different days.

The detainee has gone to court this Friday and the investigation remains open to finish clarifying all the circumstances of the case.

The trail of María Isabel de la Rosa was lost on August 19 about 5:00 p.m.

At nine in the morning of that Thursday the woman left her home to work selling coupons in the Parque Sur neighborhood area and, being a person with deep-rooted customs, the relatives were surprised when she did not return all day and the concern when passing 12 at night without hearing from her.

Complex investigation

María Isabel was a well-known person in the city, since he visited a multitude of cafes and bars on a daily basis offering the sale of coupons, which made, at first, the investigation very complex since numerous calls and notices were received from citizens who wanted to collaborate with the National Police in the search.

In this way, “multiple lines of investigation were opened and all the information was verified, one by one, by the agents of the Albacete Homicide Group, who worked tirelessly morning, afternoon and night to verify them.”

At all times, in addition, contact between the National Police and the family of the disappeared was “permanent” and, in fact, hours after filing the complaint, a police inspection was carried out at the home of the disappeared to gather any evidence that would facilitate her location.

The investigation located the last steps of María Isabel in a specific area of ​​the city near the home of the detainee and it was soon found that the man could have had some type of contact with the disappeared person moments before losing the trail.

After gathering the necessary evidence, he was arrested on the morning of Tuesday, August 24.

The man recognized the events shortly afterwards and a device was organized in which agents of the Homicide Group and the Scientific Police Brigade of the Albacete Provincial Police Station and the Operational Group of Technical Interventions (GOIT) of the National Police participated.

The head of the Investigative Court number 3, acting as guard, attended the proceedings together with the attorney from the Administration of Justice, the representative of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and two forensic doctors.

At the home of the detainee, at the back of the house, a room dedicated to housing tools was located, and in a concrete block raised using the space between two walls the body was discovered lifeless Maria Isabel de la Rosa, as well as various belongings she was carrying at the time of her disappearance, such as the POS terminal she was carrying, multiple coupons and the mobile phone, which had been hit with a blunt object.

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